Millburn School District's Math Department has begun its annual winter session of Family Math at the elementary schools, starting with fourth grade students and their families at Wyoming School.

32 families will participate in weekly sessions run by Wyoming School's Lead Science and Math teacher Lea Monaco and Fourth Grade teacher, Teri Solomon. 

Family Math engages students and their families with Math strategies and Math games to complement the district's Everyday Math curriculum. Using inexpensive hands-on manipulatives such as beans, toothpicks, and coins, children (and parents) gain a concrete understanding of space and numbers, develop problem-solving strategies, and become more confident and willing to tackle new problems. Families are always treated to special take-home activities to further promote math fun and skill practice at home.

More than 150 families participated in Family Math across the district last year. The program will run during February for all 4th grades in Millburn. Glenwood also invites students in grade 3. A sampling of responses from parents who filled out the survey at the end of their session:

"We really enjoyed our time and look forward to future family math nights, especially because we have 3 children going through the school."

"We appreciate the time the teachers took to be with us and had a lot of fun!"

"This is wonderful one on one with our kids, especially for working parents." 

"We learned that everyone is good at math. They just might not realize it."

"We learned from Family Math how much fun learning math can be and it can be a family game in our future game nights."

Jen Shouffler, Supervisor of Mathematics says, "In addition to strengthening math skills, it is the community-building aspect of Family Math that makes it such a significant program. In today's society we all have busy lives, so having time to work together ultimately enhances children's attitudes and self-esteem, as well as their potential to understand mathematics."