FANWOOD, NJ -- Fans flock to chicken wings during football's championship game -- especially in Fanwood. 

Since Nick’s Pizza opened for business six years ago its owners have strived to make the items on their menu to the best of their ability. They now think they have achieved what many customers have called “the best wings in town.”

“We’re very passionate about the items on our menu,” says owner Rob Watterson. “Anytime we can improve something we try our best to do so.”

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Watterson believes that after years of improvements they have created the best combination of buffalo chicken wings and homemade sauces.

Wings fly out the door

Just how popular are chicken wings in America?

Americans consumed 1.35 billion chicken wings during football's biggest game last year, according to the National Chicken Council's estimates for 2018. To try to visualize how many wings that is: 1.35 billion wings are enough wings to put 625 wings on every seat in all 32 NFL stadiums -- counting MetLife twice (once for the Jets and for the Giants).

“The wings we use are high quality. When you add in our homemade sauces they are extremely delicious and unique,” Watterson explained. 

Nick’s has always made its own “elite” spicy sauce, a a staple on the menu, and has added Honey BBQ and Garlic Parmesan to the selections.

Nick’s wings are also popular among those following the Keto-Diet.

“Many customers eat our wings because they’re allowed to have on the (low carb) Keto-Diet. This is a double-win because we know are customers are still enjoying our food while dieting at the same time,” Watterson said.

The National Chicken Council estimates that of the wings eaten during football's championship weekend, 75 percent will come from restaurants/bars, or pizzerias.

Nick’s wants customers to keep them in mind for any party or event catering; especially the Big Game on Sunday, Feb. 3.

“We are proud of how far our wings have come,” says Watterson. “We want our customers to enjoy great food and we think that our wings will be a hit for any occasion.”

To order Nick's famous wings, call (908) 322-8800 or order online at

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