The Feed to Give-Lions fundraiser coming to Summit on Saturday, September 12th, has already produced an amazing outcome. The Lions Club of Summit got the ball rolling with a donation of $1,000 toward chicken purchases. 

Feed to Give managed to turn that donation into more than 3,000 pounds of chicken. Combined with the many donations pouring in from local families, the fundraising team of New Providence and Summit Lions Clubs already knows they will be supplying hundreds of families with free chicken this coming week.  

Residents of the area can order chicken for their own families at an incredibly low price via Venmo or Paypal, and pick up the chicken in a contactless way by driving through the sale on Saturday morning. “Ten pounds of boneless breasts is only $15, and a box of 40 pounds of whole legs is only $20,” said Patricia Jacobs, who is helping run the sale for the Lions. “We hope a lot of families stock their freezers now at these great prices. They can order up until September 11th. Profits from the sale will be split by the two Lions Clubs, who keep all these monies in the local community.”  

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“The outpouring of donations is really heartwarming,” said Summit Lions President, Janet Russell. “We have orders for more chicken than we have ever had donated in just a few days,” said Tom Montrone, New Providence Lions President. “Our partnership with Feed to Give has created a huge boost for local families. We are so grateful for their leadership in this effort.”  

The idea of re-routing chicken from restaurant supply pipelines into local families’ fridges started with one high school student asking good questions. Carys Law, the high school student, was in a great position to ask. Her dad, Simon Law, is a partner in Lawson Foods, a wholesale food distributor. Carys had read that people were having trouble making ends meet, and that food banks were struggling to find food. The meat supply chain was unsettled due to the pandemic. Restaurants were not buying, and grocery stores were having trouble keeping cases full. Carys came up with the idea of a direct sale to people in the towns surrounding hers, Basking Ridge, with profits going to local nonprofits supporting families in need, and local foodbanks. So Feed to Give was born.  

Now Feed to Give conducts chicken sales frequently in local towns. The group has raised more than $35,000 to benefit local nonprofits and foodbanks. 

To order chicken for pickup on Saturday, Venmo Ada-Law8 (verify last four digits of phone number are 6609) or use Paypal, use “friends” option if prompted. Call with questions 917-886-6609.  To make your donation purely cash, or add to the chicken donation, mark your order DONATION NO PICKUP in the Venmo or Paypal notes.  Exact change will also be accepted at the sale for chicken orders.