Sorry I haven’t written in awhile. I had to have surgery on both my ears because I had an infection. Dr. Marmur, my veterinarian, was so good to me.  He sent me to a wonderful specialist.   I am healthy and can hear everything so much better!

We love springtime at ECLC of New Jersey’s Chatham campus. We get to have recess outside and take walking trips in town. The softball team is beginning to practice.  I do not watch the practices because I want to chase all the balls the team hits into the outfield. I like to spend time in the OT/PT room.  It is a nice, colorful room with lots of equipment and toys to look at and play with.

The ECLC students, who all have special needs, like when I am near them, and I like it, too. Next month, I will be in the Spring Concert.  The students and I need to practice every week.  It is going to be a wonderful show.  Springtime is fun time!