CLARK, NJ - Lieutenant Grady from the Clark Police Department spent Friday in Bryan Lowe’s fifth grade class at Valley Road School.   He came to start a ten week long course on the life-changing effects of drugs and alcohol, but what began that day was much more.   It became an opportunity for the students to see Lt. Grady in a positive way, and as a role model for living a drug-free life.

 Lieutenant Grady began the lesson by asking students to choose their dream car. Some chose Jeeps and Mustangs while others chose more expensive vehicles like Lamborghinis and Ferraris.    Lt. Grady then asked them to consider a scenario where they would have to keep this car for their entire life. He asked them how they would maintain the car to last that long. The students responded with items such as, “change the oil” or “get car washes.”   

After this, Grady asked the students if they frequently ate junk food or watched hours of television. Lt. Grady was working to form a connection for the students that many of them know all the things they needed to do to keep a vehicle running well for many years,  but may not be doing the same for their own bodies.

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 Lt. Grady went on to speak about how doing drugs can have an even greater negative impact on their lives.  He helped the students review their personal decisions and how they may help or hurt their health.

Lowe said of the program, “It’s extremely important to show students these harmful effects early in life, and it’s great to have such a cooperative police department that benefits the community in this way.”

Lieutenant Grady has been volunteering to teach students about these important topics for ten years.