FANWOOD, NJ – The first day of school was marked with a traumatic event for one young scholar in Fanwood.  The Wonder Years Academy has an after school program for kindergarten that was to begin on Thursday.  However, one young student was dropped off by mistake on Wednesday afternoon.

In a statement sent to parents, the management of the Academy stated “Even though the parents did not assign our school as the designated drop-off center, the bus driver made an error and thought the child was supposed to be dropped off.”

“My staff reacted in the caring way we would expect and openly welcomed the child so he would be safe.  We then alerted the authorities who dispatched a police officer to the premises.  We were able to procure some information from the child and then we were able to contact the mom, who was, reasonably, distraught.  She was able to get to the school quickly and safely and was reunited with her child in our lobby.  “

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Everyone at the Academy was glad for a positive outcome and the Fanwood police officer commented on the timely way the staff had dealt with the issue and on how professionally they reacted in a difficult situation. officer had wonderful comments about The Wonder Years staff and how quickly and professionally they reacted.

This incident is still under investigation, to determine how the mistake was made.