MONTVILLE, NJ – TAPinto Montville asked the four candidates for Montville Township Committee to answer five questions about themselves. The answers are being published in a random order. These are the answers that candidate Sarah Foye gave.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I have lived in Montville since 1998 with my husband and son (MTHS 2019). I am a small business owner and work as an occupational therapist. One of my passions is to serve as an advocate for patients and families with rare disease. I have managed advocacy projects on a national and global scale.  I was honored to serve multiple times as a consumer advocate in the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs’ (CDMRP) Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program (PRMRP) for the Department of Defense. As a consumer reviewer, I was a full voting member, along with prominent scientists, at meetings to help determine how the $360 million appropriated by Congress for the fiscal year 2020 was spent on research for our military personnel and their families. (Read more here: )

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We pay so much in taxes. Why are the roads in such bad shape and always being cut into?

Taxes are a big concern to residents, including myself!  Residents should note that the largest portion of property taxes paid goes to support our wonderful Montville schools (~66%), to Morris County and other government services with only a portion going towards the town. That being said, after paying out an expensive tax bill, residents expect to get a good “bang for their buck”, including having good roads to drive on.  Given that road paving is so expensive, it is hard for citizens to see newly paved roads being cut up. A common cause of road openings is for access needed for utilities, like natural gas.  There are ordinances, which limit road openings and bond purchases put in place to assure that the roads are put back into place after opening.  People might not be aware that after new road trenching, it needs to settle 60-120 days before repaving can take place.  Aside from road openings, the change of seasons and general wear and tear usage of our roads results in the need for regular maintenance.  The township utilizes a company called Roadbotics to determine road repairs and resurfacing. Additionally, some roads in Montville are not under the management of the township but are maintained by the county, which adds a layer of complexity to addressing road problems.

In addition to road problems, residents care about other key infrastructures like sewers, dams, reliable power, internet service, etc.  In November 2019 there were 29 critical deficiencies identified in our sewer systems. There were multiple water main breaks in 2019/2020. There have been residents in the Old Lane Extension neighborhood who have been waiting for sewer hook up for years.  If you are like me and are tired of power outages, my campaign has identified 4 actions to reduce power outages, which can be found here:

What do you believe is the most important issue in this local election?

Hands down, I think the single most important issue of today is the challenge faced due to the global pandemic.  COVID-19 has changed the way we live, earn, learn, and even vote in Montville.  It is obvious that without health, our community and our world cannot thrive.  Having access to the right tools and prompt, clear, and transparent communication about how to stay healthy can help optimize the health of our community.  Given the lack of current treatment for the virus, we must count on each other to keep our community safe via masks, social distancing, hand washing and all the other measures. Montville is stronger when we work together towards this common goal.

What other issues are important?

Other important issues include:

Fiscal responsibility – managing the township budget that is fiscally responsible and optimizes services for residents.

Environment - protecting the long-term health of our natural resources. This includes responsible development, protecting our clean water source, and thoughtful management of open space…leaving a healthy Montville for generations to come.

Inclusion -  fostering a community that is welcoming, respectful, and supportive of a diverse population.  This includes a respect for our wonderful police force.

Communication – providing clear, transparent, and prompt communication using current technology in a way that leaves Montville informed, respected, and unified.

Why do you feel you are uniquely qualified to be a township committee member?

As a longtime resident of Montville Township, I am committed to providing a new, fresh voice on the committee.  My advocacy and work experiences show that I have a proven ability to tap into resources to solve problems on a global scale, as well as manage budgets and project timelines.

Thank you for reading this, and I would appreciate your vote in this election.

Township Committee members serve three-year terms.

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