I have had the great privilege to support the FRSD school community on the Board of Education in a variety of Board Committees over the past 7 years, including my current 6-year role as Chair of the Policy Committee.  The Policy Committee is critical to the Governance of the District and the creation of policy is one of the main responsibilities of a School Board.   All District functioning is under a Policy in some manner. The policy that I am most proud of is Policy 7446 School Security Program. Fellow Board member Chris Walker and I worked very diligently so that this policy was accurate for FRSD and presented to the Community and Board for approval. It was started while we had an interim superintended and finalized and brought to fulfillment with our current superintendent, who we worked as a Board to identify and hire, Kari McGann. Identifying and hiring the Superintendent is another top responsibility of a Board of Education member. Finding a new Superintendent that was the right fit for the District was an undertaking of great importance and focus.  We are proud to have hired Ms McGann. Her dedication to STEM and being a lead ecosystem fellow will help shape the current and future education in science, technology, engineering, and math with of course the Arts not being dismissed. I recently was included in the Special Education Committee, which is an area that I believe the Board can continue to help optimize within our District.  Attending the Special Education Parents Group and studying the state laws has been a very valuable resource for me so that I can be as productive to this committee as possible. I hope to continue to support our children and school community as a seasoned and active participant of FRSD BOE.  

I want to meet the high expectations of our families and community and support our mission of “every student, every day, every opportunity." I have sound judgment, an even temper, a willingness to collaborate, and a sincere interest in public education in our community.  My son is in 7th grade in the district and my husband is a Music Teacher at Hunterdon Central Regional School District. I love this community.  My son has teachers that care and communicate.  The level of professionalism and human warmth and caring of our teachers, principals, nurses, special services, aids, front office professionals, facilities, administrators, and all school staff is amazing! I feel very lucky. 

Throughout all of my Board of Education experiences, I have witnessed the challenges that the District has faced in the past and the remarkable way our Community has come together and met those challenges to keep our children’s wellbeing first.  This is due to the talented caring teachers, dedicated parents, and entire school staff who value a progressive core academic curriculum in addition to music, arts, athletics, and other extracurricular activities that support the educational development and inner growth of our children as a whole person. 

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I will work hard to ensure that this district’s dedication continues for the benefit of all our students and staff.  I believe that each Board member brings their view and perspective to the Board. This mix of different histories and views enables the Board to find the best path to oversight possible.   I believe that my history of being a pharmacist and have been involved in many teams and medication overdose risk mitigation work within big global pharma companies and working with the FDA on the first opioid risk evaluation and mitigation plan, make me a valuable part of the Board.  I know process/policy/compliance. I know teams. I know how to courteously work with varying opinions.  I care about our District deeply and am a very active member of the current Board.  We need a respectful Board of varying perspectives and histories in order to arrive at the best collective strategy. With that philosophy in mind, I am campaigning with my fellow candidates, Christopher Walker, also a current Board member with children currently in the District, and Ed Morgan, a lifelong District resident and parent of children also currently the District.  We feel working together as a campaign team is a healthy step in creating a Board that upholds a culture that is considerate of each member.

There is no greater responsibility that can be given to an individual than to be entrusted with the welfare of a child.  If I am re-elected, I will continue to work with Ms McGann and my Board teammates to uphold that trust and responsibility to provide the best possible educational experience for every student every day.

Thank you! 

Please do not forget to vote on November 5th. It is appreciated!