It's Fall and the political signs will soon be out. It's time to take a closer look at the candidates for Chatham Borough Council. There are two new, refreshing candidates who have been actively contributing to our town. Len Resto was part of the planning committee for the successful Green Fair of the Chathams and John Holman is a proven leader in recreation and coaching of our youth programs. I have spent time with both of them and find them to be articulate and have a strong desire and interest to serve our town.

Open space was a program that I strongly supported and one that I believe has been derailed by the incumbents who are seeking re-election. The program hasn't been able to regain it's footing and a change in direction is needed. Open space affects a community's quality of life. It's an investment in the community that supports both recreation and preserves property values. Given the current stagnation in open space programs, I believe that Len Resto and John Holman are leaders who will move Chatham forward again.

I urge your support for Len Resto and John Holman. Vote on November 3rd.