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Franklin Begins New Year With Reorganization

Assemblywoman Alison McHose addresses the Council Credits: Jennifer Murphy
The 2013 Franklin Borough Council:  Giordano, Snyder, Administrator Kilduff, Crowley, Hough, Limon, Zschack, Babcock (Gardell absent) Credits: Jennifer Murphy
Franklin's Mayor Paul Crowley Credits: Jennifer Murphy
Franklin Fire Department Line Officers take the Oath of Allegiance Credits: Jennifer Murphy
Fred Babcock, Jr.  takes seat on council Credits: Jennifer Murphy
Fred Babcock, Jr. swears in Credits: Jennifer Murphy
Gilbert Snyder takes his Oath of Allegiance Credits: Jennifer Murphy
Council President Gilbert Snyder signs his Oath of Allegiance, as son, Jeffrey, stands witness Credits: Jennifer Murphy
Councilman Nick Giordano is new liaison to recreation Credits: Jennifer Murphy
Jeffrey Snyder swears Oath of Allegiance as Fire Chief Credits: Jennifer Murphy
Borough Administrator Jim Kilduff addresses the council Credits: Jennifer Murphy
Councilman Joe Limon Credits: Jennifer Murphy
The Snyder Family Credits: Jennifer Murphy
 Councilman Mark Zschack welcomes Babcock to the council Credits: Jennifer Murphy

FRANKLIN, NJ – Former Fire Chief Frederick J. Babcock was sworn in as borough councilman at the reorganization meeting held on January 1, 2013, as was Gilbert J. Sndyer, who returns for his fourth term.

Snyder was then elected borough council presidenf for 2013.

Jeffrey Snyder, Gibert’s son, was recognized, and sworn in as the new Franklin Fire Chief for 2013.  “I look forward to working with everyone, the council this year. It is an honor to be the chief.”

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The Fire Department Line Officers were then sworn in: Troy Kays as First Assistant Chief, Don Stoll as Captain, Brian Doyle as Lieutenant, Michael Raperto as Second Lieutenant, Ryan Stickle as Third Lieutenant, Jack Stoll as President, James Carroll as Vice President, Jim Nidelko as Treasurer, and Marty Swiss as Secretary.

Mayor Paul Crowley thanked the fire department, “They literally put their lives on the line, and make themselves available, not just for fires, but to support us in any way possible. Hopefully, it will be a good, safe year for Franklin, and for our fire department.”

The Council then passed a motion to approve the application for membership of Khyle T. Conklin, Franklin, and George E. Gunderman, Hamburg, to the Franklin Fire Department, as recommended by Jeffrey Snyder, Chief.

Assemblywoman Alison McHose was then invited to speak to the council.  “I want to congratulate the fire department, and thank you for all that you do. In this time, when some in the state are pushing to squeeze out the volunteers, Gary Chiusano, Steve Oroho and I are fighting for you in Trenton. I also want to thank the council for your service, it’s often thankless work, but on behalf of the District 24 legislators, I look forward to working with you in 2013.”

The council then approved the Mayor's Appointments to the following one-year positions:  prosecutor, Anthony DenUyl; public defender, Daniel A. Colfax; assessment search officer, Robin Hough; tax search officer, Theresa Schlosser; borough physician, Dennis Fielding; animal control officer, John Abate; school crossing head guard, Lynn Prtorich; municipal housing liaison, James Kilduff; and administrator, subject to contract, James Kilduff.

The following were approved to three-year positions:  Judge, James Devine, Esq. (expires 12/31/14), and Emergency Management Coordinator, Jim Williams.

The Council then appointed the following to the Planning Board:  Members, Class IV: John Cholminski and Robert Oleksy (four-year term), Alternate #1: Steve Zydon (two-year term), and Fire Safety Class II Wes Suckey (1 year term).

The 2013 Zoning Board of Adjustment consists of:  Richard Kell, Liz Bonis, John Kopcso (four-year term), and alternate #2:  Joseph Martinez (two-year term).

Glen Soules was appointed to the Board of Public Works for a three-year term.

Anthony Marino is a newly appointed member of the Recreation Commission (five-year term).

Mary Alonso and Amy Fiorentino were appointed to the Board of Health (four-year term), and Rachel Heath as the secretary (one-year term).

The Local Emergency Management Council (all one-year terms) consists of:  Mayor Paul Crowley, Eugene McInerney, Jim Williams, Jeff Snyder, Ryan Stickle, Scott Rogoff, Monica Miebach, Jim Kilduff, Steve Sluka, Dayne Hill, Richard L. Border, and James Nidelko.

The Economic Development Committee consists of (all one-year terms): Renee smith, Suzanne Weeks, David Fanala, Steven Oroho, Steve Zydon, Judy Williams, with two vacant alternate seats.

The Rent Leveling Board consists of John Friend (five-year term) and alternates #1 and 2:  Bonnie Holland and Glen Soules.

Mayor Crowley announced the Council Committee duties for the year 2013, with the Mayor named Ex-Officio Member of each committee: Ordinance Committee:  Susan Gardell, Chairperson; Frederick Babcock, Mark Zschack, members, Joe Limon, alternate. Finance, Budget and Insurance Committee: Gilbert Snyder, Chairman; Mayor Crowley, Frederick Babcock, members, Susan Gardell, alternate.  Council Liaison to the Board of Public Works:  Susan Gardell, liaison, Gilbert Snyder, alternate. Personnel and Negotiations:  Joe Limon, Chairman; Mayor Crowley, Gilbert Snyder, members;  Mark Zschack, alternate.  Police and Fire:  Mark Zschack, Chairman; Mayor Crowley, Susan Gardell, members, Nicholas Giordano, alternate. Community Relations (includes Recreation, Economic Development and Awards) Nicholas Giordano, liaison and member.  Shared Services Committee:  Mark Zschack, Gilbert Snyder and Paul Crowley.  Rent leveling board:  Susan Gardell and Joe Limon.

Mayor Crowley then addressed the public, “Unfortunately, we face a lot of financial problems again this year, the economy is not doing well, tax proceeds are down, not just in Franklin, but all over. There will be a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth when it comes to the budget.”

Borough Administrator Jim Kilduff offered his comments. "2012 was a year of change and challenge as the Borough confronted the economic downturn that has gone on far too long. We weathered storms both figuratively and literally, as the governing body and residents alike faced all the elements of bad weather, rising prices, higher unemployment, and a lackluster business environment. In looking back, I am struck by the resiliency of the people of Franklin in dealing with adversity. Franklin has always come together as neighbors and friends to deal with the challenges they face.”

Councilman Nick Giordano welcomed Fred Babcock to the council, and said, "I am looking forward to a good year of good government.  I am honored to be council member for Recreation this year, there have been some change of assignments, and I am looking forward to the New Year.”

Councilman Gilbert Snyder thanked the council for nominating him as president, and said he was looking forward to the 100th Anniversary of Franklin.

Joe Limon complimented the mayor for the way he runs the meetings and addresses the public.  He commented that, “I want to commend the freeholders on the real assets they sold, and the way they are thinking about how to use the money. This is something we can learn from the Freeholders if something like that ever happens in Franklin.”

Fred Babcock said, “I wish everyone a Happy New Year, and let’s get the ball rolling.”

The mayor added his comments and said, “This should be a good year for Franklin, we have the 100th anniversary this year, and also the County Fireman’s Parade will be here again this year.”

All present were then invited back to the fire house for refreshments, where Fred Babcock added, "I feel that I have a lot to give back to the community.  As fire chief for the past two years, I worked with the council on the budget.  I coached football and baseball for several years, and I am ready to get to work."


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