EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - The Fresenius Kidney Care facility, located on Route 18 North, recently held its ribbon-cutting ceremony for their first open house to the public. The facility has been open since November 2019 and has been taking patients in the area who suffer from dialysis and other kidney-related problems. In attendance at the ribbon-cutting ceremony were members of the staff along with East Brunswick Council Vice President Sharon Sullivan.

“It is so wonderful for this facility to come to the Central Jersey Business Community,” Councilwoman Sulivan said during the ribbon-cutting ceremony. “As you can tell, parts of Route 18 is so vibrant and we want to welcome you to the business community and on behalf of the town council and the mayor, it will be a pleasure doing business with you.”

The new facility provides dialysis treatment for anyone living in the East Brunswick community or any neighboring townships. All health insurances are accepted at Fresenius Kidney Care. The facility will be open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It currently has seven medical professionals on staff and can serve around 57 patients per day. As of now, the facility has nine patients on schedule. Monique Carty-Ortega, the clinic manager, says she expects the clinic to be running a six days a week schedule and hiring additional employees as they get more patients in the upcoming months.

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Along with a care facility, Fresenius provides medical assistance in people’s homes. Patients are taught how to do the treatment for themselves by staff and medical equipment is set up at their houses. Nurses are on standby at all times for anyone who chooses to take the procedure at their homes, according to Carty-Ortgea.

The facility also has 19 dialysis machines that are manufactured by the company Fresenius. Fresenius is the only kidney care company that makes their own dialysis machines, according to a member of the staff. The state of the art equipment can detect blood clots and air bubbles, can display a patient's EMR (Electronic Medical records) and give a more accurate diagnosis of a patient's treatment regiment. Carty-Ortega explained that Fresenius machines are often sold to other kidney care facilities in the country.  

Approximately one out of seven Americans are currently suffering from kidney-related issues caused by hypertension and diabetes, according to some literature provided by the clinic. Along with dialysis treatment, the facility provides information on how to obtain a kidney transplant.

Staff are required to tell patients on their first day of visits about how to get a transplant. Patients are often given leaflets of information on the subject. Patients can get transplants at Barnabas Health in New Brunswick, which has a partnership with the Fresenius Kidney Care company. 

“We want to let the people know that we are always accessible to anyone in East Brunswick and any adjacent communities,” said Mrs. Carty-Ortega. “We are here to provide superior patient care for every single one of them at any time they want to come in. We are expecting a lot of people to come to this open house and see what we have to offer to the township ”