BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Governor Livingston High School welcomed the Class of 2024 to the building during a non-traditional Freshmen Orientation on August 26 and August 27, with a portion held over Zoom and an additional in-person tour. 

The orientation program, formerly known by the name Link Crew, was organized by a new student group of upperclassmen called the Freshmen Leadership Team. The group, advised by Diana Cavanaugh and Christopher Yager, both teachers at the high school, will allow the students in the freshmen class to have a more personal experience unique to Governor Livingston students. 

In order to achieve this more custom experience while making sure the students had fun, Cavanaugh said, “The incoming freshmen participated in group activities that allowed them to get to know one another and [the school] as a whole. For instance, this year, the leaders made a GL Trivia Kahoot and used it as a fun way to get to know the building and staff.”

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With social distancing and health safety being a concern for many, all involved had to follow new safety protocols. During tours, all students were required to follow one-way directional markings on hallways, wear masks, and maintain social distancing. 

After attending the orientation and tour, incoming freshman Arianna Mauri found the process helpful to visualize the school. Mauri said, “Questions that I would not have thought of were answered, as well as questions I had. The orientation made me feel more confident about coming to school, and it also got me more excited about being in high school.”

Understanding the unusual circumstances that have changed this school year, Ella Ferrigno, a junior Freshmen Leadership Training leader, offered advice to freshmen for academic success. “Really focus and find somewhere to work that will allow you to focus. I know it’s difficult having your phone right next to you and not having the ability to use it.”

In a hybrid-learning environment, the freshmen won’t necessarily have a traditional high school experience. The orientation allowed students to not only ask as many questions as they had, but also allowed them to meet leaders in the GL community who will help guide them through their freshmen year.