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December 9, 2013 at 5:30 PM

Within the last two weeks, the New Jersey legislature, under the assumption that increased revenue means a stronger economy, passed a series of pieces of legislation to legalize what they termed "online gaming".  What this means in reality is that casinos in New Jersey will have yet another opprotunity to fleece us.  This new arm of our state's peculiar institution will prove even more damaging than our present establishments.  By virtue of its wide reach, potential for immediate gratification, and agressive self-promotion, online casinos will surely be a sorely visible source of misery and social ills.

Internet Gambling is already far-reaching.  In the span of just two weeks, hundreds have logged on, and many more, these new sites report, have tried from over twenty-five other states.   News of this new outlet, like all other bad news, will spread exponentially.  Add that to the numbers who have alreadt been reached by their internet pop-ups and tv adds extolind online games to the backdrop of pretty girls having fun and the American Flag. Those unfortunates who hear of it will discover that, not only is there a wide variety of games, but also that these games can be accessed at any time.  Logging on and a quick security phone call (for now) is the maximum effort required to take part.  For those with addictive personalities, this is a nightmare come true.  Now the dificulty of going to Atlantic City or Montichello to get hooked on getting robbed is erased and the exciting world of gambling addiction is open to all.  

Sooner or later we will realize the truth; a casino liscenseis a liscense to steal and the gambling "Industry" is only looting our pocketbooks.  But, naturally, that time will come too late and the online gaming industry, like land-based casinos will have built up enough capital and political clout to keep itself legal.  Write to your state legislators ans senators demanding that we curb this abuse before it gets out of hand, we must kill this demon-child in its cradle before it grows into yet another devil.

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