Last month’s turnout for the Pristine Azul Dive Club general meeting was great and the group hopes to keep the ball rolling.  Come and join diving enthusiasts on Thursday, April 19 at 6:30 pm for the April General Meeting now located at The Cellar Banquet Hall, Little Falls, NJ, which will feature a special guest from the Historical Diving Society. 

Guest Speaker Fred Barthes from the Historical Diving Society, and featuring the North East Equipment group and Mid Atlantic Divers, will bring historical equipment to the meeting to discuss the technological advances in scuba equipment and the history of diving from past to present.  Participants will be able to try on the equipment, including a historic brass hard hat dive suit and weight boots. 

Join us for a buffet dinner at The Cellar Banquet Hall, located at 475 Route 46 East, Little Falls NJ (under Six Brothers Diner). Check out more about The Cellar at

PLEASE RSVP NOW to Event Organizer Michael Scherer at 973-303-5837, or visit