Dressage is for every horse—even gaited breeds!

For a limited time, gaited horse owners receive two free virtual test entries for North American Western Dressage through an innovative partnership between NAWD and Friends of Sound Horses.

A special coupon code gives gaited horse owner “one to get ready, one to show” when it comes to NAWD virtual testing—one free test can be redeemed for NAWD 24/7 virtual coaching anytime in 2018, and one free test can be redeemed for the NAWD Gaits Wide Open Virtual Show, which takes place October 1–15, 2018.

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Sign up for the “One to Get Ready, One to Show” promotion at https://www.northamericanwesterndressage.com/ride/gaits/. Then, you’ll select the number of tests to purchase for NAWD 24/7 virtual coaching and the Gaits Wide Open Virtual Show, and then your special coupon code for one freebie ride in each. Then, just video your test, upload it to YouTube and send the video link to northamericanwd@gmail.com.

Gaited horses can participate in special gaited dressage tests from FOSH/IJA, NAWD Western or traditional dressage, WDAA Western dressage or USDF/USEF tests — for tests without gaited horse specifications, just substitute your horse’s gait for the jog/trot portions of the mainstream tests.

The GWO2018 offer is open to the first 50 participants who sign up in 2018 and is courtesy of FOSH.

Want more info? Visit https://www.northamericanwesterndressage.com/ride/gaits/.

About North American Western Dressage

North American Western Dressage (NAWD) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating horse enthusiasts about the universal benefits of Western dressage and providing fun, affordable ways to participate in this popular new sport. NAWD offers a variety of programs as well as virtual coaching and showing opportunities, achievement awards and more. Learn more about NAWD at nawdhorse.org and at facebook.com/WesternDressageNAWD.

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