BERKELEY HEIGHTS- The process of uploading a video to YouTube is simple; you can put out whatever content you want and with the click of a button it’ll be available for the whole world to view. With these privileges comes the responsibility of monitoring what you post and what people comment on your videos. But the main question is, how do you gain popularity and attention on such a huge site, and how do you stay humble?

Governor Livingston sophomore Arianna DaSilva has the process figured out. DaSilva has been posting on YouTube since 2012. For each video, she spends 30 minutes filming and one to two hours editing. DaSilva stated that it “takes courage to watch yourself on repeat several times, but the process is enjoyable.” DaSilva’s well-edited and helpful videos guide viewers through situations like being new to high school and managing work. The comments of her supporters boost her self confidence. There is also a way for DaSilva to make money off of the videos she creates: she plugs advertisements into her creations. A certain amount of money is generated for every person who views a video.

The process of getting a video made and uploaded is time-consuming. “First, you have to make a concrete plan on what the video is going to be about” DaSilva said. Creating her video plot typically takes DaSilva roughly ten minutes. From there, she sets up her equipment. She said, “After that, I sketch out what I’m going to say and make myself a small script. That takes about 25 minutes.” After all of the preparation behind the scenes, she films her video. Her videos are not kept to a certain length and vary. “Then I pop my SD card into my computer and begin editing, which takes me the most time.” Overall, the process of making a video people would like to see is very difficult.

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Her videos mainly include clips of her and her friends and advice for all of her viewers. DaSilva’s video content is mainly focused on helping her viewers and coming across as a positive role model. “I think that my content could range from ages eight and up,” she said. DaSilva wants her videos to appeal to all audiences so that she is able to impact more people. “My baby cousins even watch my videos. They love them.” She cares about her personality on YouTube and she uploads video blogs to be seen as a humorous, kind person.

In the future, DaSilva wants to continue with the YouTubing process and then go into the film industry and produce videos. Her advice to newcomers on YouTube is to “be yourself in order for people to see the real you,” and to “know your roots.” As DaSilva said, it is important to stay true to yourself while engaging with your community.