GLEN ROCK, NJ – Per requests from parents, the Board of Education has revised the district homework policy to reflect the issuance of no homework on holidays, in to addition to no work due immediately before or after.

The amendment, which was passed on Jan. 8, states “when schools are closed for religious holidays, no homework will be assigned immediately before the religious holiday with the assumption that the work be completed during the break ... nor can work, tests or quizzes be due or given immediately after the holiday."

“The board feels it is beneficial to make the change to the homework policy,” said Board President Sharon Scarpelli in an email after the meeting.

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The change, she said, was warranted after parents raised concerns, although the issue is not new. In previous years, parents raised concerns explaining it was difficult to spend time with family when there were projects or tests due immediately after the conclusion of a break.

“Although the vast majority of teachers are not assigning homework over the religious holidays when school is not in session, we felt by incorporating it into our policy there will be no discrepancies in implementation,” Scarpelli stated.