On June 11th, Glen Rock’s Board of Education President, Sharon Scarpelli, and Interim Superintendent, Bruce Watson, presented a plaque to the recipients of Bergen County Teacher/Educational Services Professionals of the Year. This year’s honorees are:

  • Byrd's 1st grade teacher: Keri Holmgren
  • Central's Speech and Language Specialist: Lisa Morales
  • Coleman's Kindergarten teacher: Chrisanne Moger
  • Hamilton's Music Teacher: John Diomede
  • GRMS's English Teacher: Regina Scotti
  • GRHS's Art Teacher: Nicole Rusin

The Teacher Recognition Program was developed in 1985 for the purpose of acknowledging teachers who exhibit outstanding performance. This program is based on the premise that teaching excellence is one of the most significant factors impacting student achievement and the quality of public schools. Further, acknowledging excellence encourages teachers to continue to strive towards that goal. For the purpose of this program, teachers are defined as those whose primary responsibility is classroom instruction.

The Annual Educational Services Professionals Recognition Act was enacted on January 9, 2004, in recognition of educational services professionals’ contributions to the success of public schools and the important services they provide outside of the classroom environment. They improve students’ academic opportunities, workforce preparedness, and overall quality of life. The recognition of outstanding educational services professionals is an acknowledgement of efforts and also provides an incentive to others to strive for excellence

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Photo: Back Row: Coleman Principal, Edward Thompson; Chrisanne Moger; Hamilton School Principal, Irene Pierides; John Diomede; Interim Superintendent, Bruce Watson; GRMS Principal, Jennifer Wirt; GRMS Vice Principal, Brian Pepe; GRHS Principal, John Arlotta

Front row: Dr. Linda Edwards, Director of Special Education, Dr. Linda Edwards; Glen Rock’s Board of Education President, Sharon Scarpelli; Regina Scotti; Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Kathleen Regan; Nicole Rusin; Lisa Morales

Not photographed: Keri Holmgren