GLEN ROCK, NJ - Imagine thinking a grateful thought every day for two weeks and posting them on the wall. That's what Coleman Elementary School students did as they participated in a two-week gratitude campaign through the Look for the Good Project.

The Look for the Good Project is a Connecticut based nonprofit dedicated to spreading kindness and acknowledging gratitude in an effort to combat bullying and violence. 

Coleman School kicked off their campaign with a student run assembly, detailing the components of the program. The children were guided to think a grateful thought every day for two weeks and write the thoughts on sticky notes. The notes were collected and posted on the Gratitude Wall.

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Students compiled well over 3,000 notes of gratitude. They placed “grateful spots” on the floors in different areas of the school, as well. Everyone was encouraged to stop, step on the spot, and think a grateful thought.

After returning from the weekend, the children were greeted by uplifting, positive thoughts written on bathroom mirrors.

Finally, the children each wrote a letter of gratitude to a significant person in his/her life: a family member, a teacher, a neighbor. The children read the letter aloud to their recipient. In addition, lessons on respectful listening, recognizing feelings, and how to share their feelings so they can be heard were presented.