GLEN ROCK, NJ – The lease agreement between the borough and the Glen Rock Dog Park is the next item to check-off in the process of breaking ground on a project that has been in the works for six years, according to organizers.

“We’re ready to go now,” Christine Ross, member of Glen Rock Dog Park, said to the mayor and council on March 12. “Just tell us what we need to do.”

Mayor Bruce Packer told Glen Rock Dog Park organizers that the town and the group needed first to agree on a workable lease for the land; then, there would be an ordinance enabling the mayor to sign the lease; and lastly, a public hearing on that ordinance.

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The Borough Council is insisting on a survey of the dog park, as well as the lease agreement, which is a $5,000 bill for the group footing the bill.

The approved site, established by a Glen Rock Borough Council Resolution on Dec. 9, 2015, is an unused plot of land behind the recycling center on Doremus Avenue. It is located between Upper and Lower Faber Fields.

Eileen Hillock, a member of the Glen Rock Dog Park group, said she thought a survey existed already because each parcel of land surrounding the proposed dog park site, which is borough-owned property, was having work done, including Upper and Lower Faber Fields.

Packer and other members of the council said a survey is necessary because the borough has run into issues with other projects and NJ Department of Environmental Protection requirements.

“The DEP would not say yes or no definitively on whether we needed a survey for the dog park,” Packer said. “There is no down side on getting a survey.”

Except the cost, members of the dog park group said.

“Even with the best intentions,” councilwoman Amy Martin said, “things can get difficult without a survey.”

Hillock said she was concerned with “roadblocks” that seem to continually stall the project.

“Every time we’re here, it seems like there is a higher standard to meet,” she said.

The group was last before the council when they informed them they were ready to begin breaking ground.

“We even had to take down a sign we had for the park because it didn’t have the word ‘proposed’ on it,” Hillock said.

“We’re ready to look at a rough draft of a lease,” Packer said.