Gov. Christie Announces Schedule of 22 Special Elections for New Jersey Voters

Chris Christie: "I don't know what many special elections will cost and I don't care."


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Gov. Chris Christie  issued an Executive Order today that beginning Tuesday, June 11, New Jersey will have one special election for each elective office that needs to be filled.


“We’re not going to be penny-wise and pound-foolish around here, when it comes to democracy,” he added. "The people of New Jersey deserve to have elected officials in place to meet people's business as soon as possible. And there's no reason to wait for this to happen in November."


The gubernatorial election has been moved up to next week, June 11; followed by the State Senate election on June 18. Following that, on June 25 will be all State Assembly contests.


This schedule will go all the way through Tuesday, November 5, when the election for the Second Alternate Member of the Roxbury Township Library Board will be filled. The Roxbury Township  vacancy was due to the untimely gallbladder operation  of longtime board member Herbert Lipson. "The people of Roxbury Township  deserve a Second Alternate Member of their Library board," declared Christie.


In other news, Governor Christie has issued an Executive Order moving Yom Kippur from Friday, September 13, to the following Thursday. "I respect and admire the Jewish people, and I know that they are used to having such holidays move around each year. And of course, no member of the Jewish faith that I know wants to commemorate the holiest day of the year on Friday the 13th."