HACKENSACK, N.J. -- An unemployed 24-year-old city man was arrested shortly after midnight today after he burglarized a city church.

Six police officers were dispatched to First Presbyterian Church at 12:05 a.m. today after receiving a tip from a city resident who described the suspect as a dark-skinned man wearing a yellow shirt. The man, according to the caller, allegedly removed a screen from the window of the Passaic Street house of worship and climbed in.

Upon arrival, four police officers set up a perimeter around the church while two police sergeants searched inside. The sergeants said the suspect, Justin Draper of Hackensack, peered over at police before slyly making his way to the exit. Upon being stopped in his tracks by one of the sergeants, Draper told police he had been trying to meet a woman in her bedroom to retrieve his cell phone but may have been lost. According to police, Draper sidestepped questions about the woman he was meeting called Jessica, adding that it had escaped him how he even entered the building.

Draper was arrested and charged with burglary and obstruction of a governmental function. He was released on a summons and is due in court.