To get in the Halloween spirit, students in Christine Talarico and Staci Toporek's English 2 Honors classes wrote thrilling stories of suspense. The hitch - they had to keep the stories to 55 words or less. Be prepared to be on the edge of your seat with these samples of spooky stories. 

Your Ride is Here by Shreyas Agnihotri

I stepped into the car as the downpour escalated. The driver was quiet, but that was fine - I never liked talking anyways.

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He veered into a dead end, probably because it was so dark. 

“Uh, wrong turn?” I said. There was no response.

Suddenly, my phone chimed. “Hey, it’s your Uber,” it read. 

“I’m outside.”


Play With Me by Kelly Hanratty

Father brought a box home today, as a present for his daughter. 

“Oh Claire, look what I brought you!” 

“What’s that?” 

He handed her the box and left. Claire ripped it open. Inside was a doll with golden hair like Claire’s, wearing the same dress. Claire smiled at the doll. It smiled back at her.


The Monster by Sophia Judicke

If you follow this, it could save you.

This place is dangerous. Follow my instructions to save yourself.

Start reading.

You! Read quickly. The monster has arrived and once done reading, I can’t help you.

Or don’t, but it's in your best interest.

Use the first letter of each line. You’ll know what to do.


Crunchy Soup by Jonathan Raimi 

Two men approached the old cabin, desperately searching for their friend Todd.  

A kind-faced man greeted them at the doorstep. 

“Come in, have supper with us, please.” 

Us? There was only the man.

They agreed and ate the hot soup.  Then one man spotted a ring in his soup - Todd's gold wedding band.


The Knight by Kyra Ford

“The night is coming! The night is coming!”, screamed the townsperson. 

“Well of course it is. It’s nearly 6 pm”, he muttered. 

Ignoring the townspersons warning, he turned around, only to suddenly feel a sharp pain. 

Blood pooled out of an arrow-sized wound in his back. 

“Should’ve listened when he said the knight was coming,” he gasped. 


Among Us by Rocco Ditizio

“Hey man, what were you doing yesterday? I was looking for you.”

“Doing some quick tasks.” 

“Ok! What were you actually doing?”

“I killed three people and hid in a vent.”

“Omg! I love ‘Among Us’!” 

“Wait, What’s ‘Among Us?’” 


The Trunk by Sofia Vega

The door creaked as I pulled it shut behind me. I switched on the light and twisted the key until the trunk clicked open, releasing a ghastly scent. To my horror, a mangled corpse lay limp, engaging me in an empty stare. This was particularly alarming since I recall stuffing two in just this morning.


Traumatic Awakening by Briana Monaco

Awakened by some funeral dirge, he was annoyed. He started banging on the wall and said, “Stop! Let me sleep in peace!”. He jumped up to go turn it off himself but hit his head against a ceiling. People began screaming. He reached around, he was confined in a small space. This was his funeral.


Dead End Job by Connelly Jacqua

I rush down into the basement where my sister waits patiently for me to fix her up for her event. I carefully do her makeup. She needs to look perfect.

I glance at the clock. 5 P.M., already?

“Bye!” I leave work, silently saying my goodbyes before the Denny's Funeral Home welcome sign.


A Strange Reality by Owen Tan  

Finding himself stranded, the shadows of a city were visible, massive structures that stretched on forever. Grotesque creatures began to emerge, bloodlust evident in their eyes. They advanced and surrounded him; the only way was through. Right when all hope was lost, his mother called, and he put down the controller to eat dinner.


A Gripping Story by Daniel Kasper  

I raced onward, ignoring the pain as blood dripped down my legs and stained the snow. We reached the fence. “Are you sure about this?” I asked, as the howls of wolves welcomed us. “We have no choice,” he replied, beginning to climb upwards. Suddenly, something gripped me back. “I got you...” it whispered.