The Oyster Man had to travel to Harry’s Oyster Bar in Bally’s casino on the Famous Boardwalk (still standing) to taste the variety of oysters there for a “buck a shuck” promotion.

These succulent bivalves from local waters and from as far away as Canada are shucked then served on a tray of ice with several condiments. Chef Scott Henry, of the restaurant staff, enjoys shucking those oysters for as many guests as can eat them. The oysters can be seen on a bed of ice in the middle of the large bar in the restaurant on the casino’s Boardwalk level. The Boardwalk, incidently, stands strong for all visitors to enjoy. Hurrican Sandy was not able to surge and collapse the amazing boards.

At the bar, the Oyster Man ordered six of the succulants. Out came a tray filled with an assortment including Wiannos from Cape Cod (a favorite of the O-Man) Jersey Greats from Cape May, New Jersey, and Blue Points from Long Island, New Yrok.  Sipping a Jack Daniels, the O-Man enjoyed those oysters with several condiments.

Not completely satisfied, O-Man ordered a New Negland clam chowder, a delicate soup with many bits of clam and inch squares of potatoes floating in that broth. The chowder was a hardy meal for this E-Man.

Hayy’s happy hour also featured a menu with various entrees. A one pound lobster (not too much lobster meat to enjoy) costs $18.5. Not long ago, O-Man was in Maine and enjoyed a pounder that was excellent. The texture was pure and the taste delicate and sweet. The lobster was part of a very exciting wedding of the son of a dear friend. The wedding feast was a clam bake  and includes fried chicken and other amenities for a unique feast.

Back to Harry’s and the buck a shuck night. Harry’s Bar is a huge one centered in an equally huge restaurant featuring many seafood delights. Harry was Harry “Dock”, naturally) Dougherty, who started his restaurant on Atlantic Avenue in Atlantic City, back in 1897. Today, Harry’s great-grandson, Frank, and his wife, Maureen continue the heritage with Harry’s Oyster Bar & Seafood.

As an example of the Harry menu, specialties include linguini and clams, an Italian favorite, pan-fried oysters, eight of the succulents  served with fries, and slaw with a spicy remoulade; and Harry’s  Clam Bake, an assortment that includes clams , mussels, half a lobster, and seasonal fish, and corn, of course. . Sounds like a good beer will go with this feast.

The bar features  sixteen draft beers including Devil, Bud Light, and Guinessseventeen bottles beers including Corona, Miller Lite,a nd Dos Equis Lager. Isn’t that the brew that bearded guy on tv enjoys? And there are large bottled beers like Greens Dubbel Dark Ale, Brooklyn Local, and Dogfish Head Bitches Brew (who’d wanna drink that!).

Harry’s Bar on the boards has much more to offer a Boardwalk walker but what else?  \