HOLMDEL, NJ - Local resident Lea Shave is running for Holmdel Township Committee. Shave is a 19 year resident. Her campaign was announced by a local citizens group called Save Holmdel Village. According to the release from Save Holmdel Village, Shave is a candidate that intends to cross party lines. 

Her platform is based on the theme, “Time for Change" and an excerpt from their release is here:

"You will undoubtedly be hearing more from Ms. Shave in the weeks & months ahead. Regardless if you are a devout Republican or Democrat; we strongly encourage you to pay attention. This woman is not afraid to call a spade a spade regardless of which side it’s on; shake things up when necessary; and go the extra mile when called upon. Most importantly, Ms. Shave is not beholden to anything or anyone; but her unwavering desire for doing what is in the best interest of this town she passionately loves so much." Ms. Shave’s campaign is currently supported by highly-respected fellow Holmdel citizens including:  Francine Campis (Campaign Manager); Randy Rauscher (Campaign Treasurer); Prakash Santhana (Strategy); and Jay Yannello (Strategy/Content). 

The campaign can be reached at ElectLeaShave@gmail.com