COLTS NECK: The Colts Neck StillHouse located at 304 Route 34, in Colts Neck is planning their Grand Opening Ribbon cutting Wed 1/16 at 4pm. 

During a 'soft' opening a few weeks back, guests were treated to a tour of the facility and a taste of their spirits. The tasting room had delicious craft cocktails created with house-made tinctures, bitters, cordials, sodas, and shrubs from locally sourced ingredients and produce.  

The Story of Colts Neck StillHouse is a heartwarming one that harkens back to the founders Grandfather. According to the website, His grandfather, George Sr., would bellow out in deep hearty tones the phrase “Holy MuckleyEye!” whenever something truly amazed him or gave him great pride or joy. This phrase essentially translated to a great sense of family pride that stuck with him his entire life – so much so that it forms the basis his brand. Learn more HERE