The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA), together along with the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and the Noyes Museum of Art, will commemorate their partnership in creating an anchor for an Arts District in Atlantic City. 

The program will take place on Tuesday, December 18th at 10a.m. at Dante Hall,14 North Mississippi Avenue in Atlantic City. CRDA Executive Director John Palmieri, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey President Dr. Herman Saatkamp and Noyes Museum of Art Executive Director Michael Cagno will be in attendance along with many other board members, trustees and local dignitaries while also officially adding their hands to the AC Arts initiative. "We could not ask for better, more qualified partners than Stockton College and the Noyes Museum in developing this cornerstone of Atlantic City's Arts and Culture District," said CRDA Executive Director John Palmieri.  

"The success of the Atlantic City Arts District requires the expertise and proven track record and the economic lift which our public/private partnership brings to this development. This is exactly what the Governor's Tourism District legislation is designed to do." CRDA and Stockton College have executed a lease for the 16,000 sq feet of Arts Retail space located on first floor of The Wave parking garage along Mississippi Avenue. CRDA built and financed the $30 million facility, which opened in March, 2012. CRDA is financing the built out of the retail space at a cost not to exceed $2 million . The Noyes Museum at Stockton will lease out and manage the project which will feature a ceramics studio, gallery space and individual artist studios where local artisans will be able to create their fine works of art and offer them for sale to the public. 

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"This project represents an historic moment in Atlantic City's continued resurgence. Stockton is pleased to have contributed, first with our Carnegie Center and last year with the Dante Hall Theatre, home to the Bay Atlantic Symphony," Saatkamp said. "We are engaged with the CRDA in creating this beautiful new art gallery and retail space that will bring the Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton College to the District. We look forward to helping establish an Arts District that is worthy of Atlantic City." The CRDA's partnership with Stockton College and the Noyes Museum is a key first step towards bringing the Atlantic City Arts and Cultural District to fruition. As a key component of the Atlantic City Tourism Master Plan, which was officially signed into law on April 19, 2011, the Arts and Cultural District seeks to create a center for arts and culture in the downtown community through innovative partnerships between local civic leaders, artists and art institutions.

"We're very excited to bring a touch of the Noyes Museum of Art to Atlantic City," Cagno said. "We're very much looking forward to making a significant contribution to the new Arts District and this project promises to add to the richness of Atlantic City's many attractions." Future goals for the Arts and Culture District include affordable housing to artists and their families, studio and exhibit space featuring various forms of public art, and an eclectic mix of retail storefronts. This component will improve the walk ability of the city and create a unique community and neighborhood dynamic that will be clean, safe and friendly. #