As a 30-year veteran English teacher, Michael Stracco knows all there is to know about pronouns and their use in the English language. As the chair of the Hawthorne Pride Alliance, Stracco aims to build upon the cornerstone of the alliance’s mission, “to educate,” to bring awareness to International Pronouns Day this October 21st. 

International Pronouns Day began in 2018 when organizers used the hashtag #PronounsDay and spread educational resources with the goal of “[seeking] to make respecting, sharing, and educating about personal pronouns commonplace,” as stated on the official website. International Pronouns Day is celebrated during the third week of October every year as the practice of choosing one’s own pronouns becomes more ubiquitous and necessary in our society. 

For transgender and gender nonconforming individuals, the recognition of International Pronoun Day is essential to their inclusion in public spaces and the rhetoric surrounding intersecting identities. Like calling someone by their first name, calling someone by their preferred pronouns is an act of human dignity that this day seeks to extend to all people, regardless of how they choose to identify. 

The Hawthorne Price Alliance is actively doing their part to amplify the voices of International Pronouns Day by sharing resources on their website for local community members to learn more about pronouns and how to be more inclusive in everyday conversation.