TRENTON, NJ - The New Jersey Department of Transportation has opened the new Hamilton Road Bridge over the Route 206 Bypass six months ahead of schedule as the Route 206 Bypass project in Hillsborough advances towards completion by the fall of 2020.   
At 12 noon Saturday, Oct. 19th, NJDOT’s contractor, Konkus Corporation, is scheduled to open the new Hamilton Road Bridge over the Route 206 Bypass in Hillsborough and remove the Hamilton Road detour that has been in place since March when construction of the bridge began. The bridge was completed six months ahead of the expected completion date of April, 2020.
The new bridge is approximately 150 feet long and carries one lane of traffic in each direction on Hamilton Road. It includes a six-foot wide pedestrian walkway on both sides of the bridge that will remain closed while the bridge railing and fencing are completed over the next few months. 

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Also beginning on Saturday, Oct.19th, Old Somerville Road will be permanently closed to through traffic and split into two pieces – a northern portion and a southern portion each ending at a new cul-de-sac that will be constructed.

It is necessary to split Old Somerville Road to allow for the construction of a ramp from the Route 206 Bypass. The northern portion of Old Somerville Road will have access from Route 206 northbound and the southern portion of Old Somerville Road will have access from Hamilton Road.

No left turns will be allowed from Old Somerville Road onto Route 206 southbound or from Route 206 southbound onto Old Somerville Road. 

Route 206 southbound traffic wishing to turn onto Old Somerville Road or access the All American Assisted Living facility on Route 206 north just past Old Somerville Road will need to continue south on Route 206 and use the jughandle at Andria Road to make a U-turn onto Route 206 north.

Old Somerville Road traffic wishing to turn onto Route 206 southbound will need to turn right onto Route 206 north and take the new jughandle at Falcon Road to make U-turn onto Route 206 south.

When completed, the Route 206 Hillsborough Bypass will shift through-traffic onto a new 3.6-mile section of Route 206 to the east of the existing highway between Mountain View Road and Old Somerville Road, creating opportunities for the development of a town center along the current Route 206 in Hillsborough.
The 1.7-mile center section of the Bypass was built first as part of a $44 million state-funded contract. It was completed and opened in October 2013. The $36.6 million state and federally-funded Contract B will construct the remaining portion of the Route 206 Bypass. 
The project limits are from Mountain View Road to Hillsborough Road on the southern end and from Amwell Road/CR 514 to Old Somerville Road on the northern end. The entire Bypass project is on schedule and is expected to be completed in the fall 2020. 
The precise timing of the work is subject to change due to weather or other factors. Motorists are encouraged to check NJDOT's traffic website for real-time travel information and for NJDOT news follow us on Twitter @NJDOT_info and on the NJDOT Facebook page.