After reading Peter Hoffman's letter to the editor, I was shocked by inaccurate statements regarding Joe Mikulewicz's and Neal Collins' position on Lum Field. I think it might be helpful for the readers to know the truth.

Hoffman said, "Sadly, the incumbents vigorously opposed the revitalization of Lum Field..." Before being elected, Joe and Neal spoke at council meetings to encourage the council to determine the least expensive field for taxpayers to turf. That's working for the greater good - not opposing the revitalization of Lum.

The truth is that in their first year in office, both Joe and Neal voted in favor of hiring the engineering firm that supervised the turf installation at Lum Field. Additionally, they voted for new backstops, concrete dugouts, and benches to improve the experience there. They also voted to make improvements at Shepard-Kollack Park. They have been active recreation program supporters.

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If those who accuse Joe and Neal of only helping their friends were correct, they would have voted against the Lum Field funding. We've read this theme a number of times from the opposition. The people perpetrating these falsehoods must be so concerned about the shortcomings of their own candidates that they feel they have to make up stories about the current councilmen to have any chance of winning. They should check their facts before regurgitating these untruths again, and they should try to run a positive, civil campaign.

These skewed factoids and misrepresentations from the opposition are proof that we need Joe and Neal's honesty and integrity on the council. I urge the voters to re-elect Collins & Mikulewicz.