HOLMDEL, NJ - Local political candidates, Committeeman Greg Buontempo (currently serving as Mayor for 2020), newcomer Ronald Emme and former Committeeman Michael Nikolis (defeated in the Republican Primary last year) recently filed a lawsuit against the Co-Chair of the Monmouth County Republican Organization, Christine Hanlon. Hanlon serves as the Monmouth County Clerk. Hanlon was also just sworn in as President of the Monmouth County Bar Association.

The people suing Hanlon for deprivation of their Civil Rights are locally known. The addendum list includes Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso's husband, Gerald DiMaso. Also involved in suit against Hanlon is Greg Buontempo's wife, Annemarie Buontempo.

The complaint centers on their demand to be listed with their preferred Senate candidate, Natalie Rivera. Rivera, not quite well known in the area, does have a website:  https://natalierivera85.wixsite.com/natalie4ussenate Rivera is an Activity Director at JDT Christian Academy in Pennsauken NJ (according to her FACEBOOK page). 

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The plaintiffs state that "their right of franchise as well as the rights of the voters to identify and choose candidates of like mind and goals will be denied if the Defendant County Clerk's (Hanlon) wrongful action is permitted to stand. It's not clear how Buontempo and Emme and Nikolis came to know Natalie Rivera.

You can read here the entire Lawsuitpdf.

In their lawsuit, they asked a judge to decide on an order to show cause, with temporary restraints and injunctive relief. The main complaint is that they are not listed with the Senate candidate that they state they share 'like mind and goals'.

The accusations are signficant:

  • Denial of the Constitutional First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech
  • Denial of Freedom of Association 
  • Denial of their Fourteenth Amendment rights to Equal Protection of the law
  • Civil Rights Violations under the NJ Civil Rights Act

They seek damages, attorneys fees and costs to be levied against Clerk Hanlon. The complaint itself is essemntially about their position on the ballot. They are running under a slogan called 'We the People.' On the ballot itself, Buontempo and Emme are not on the endorsed Monmouth County Republican Organization Line.

Headed by President Donald Trump, the line is valuable real estate. Local Holmdel Republican Chairwoman Marcy McMullen and a majority of the voter elected local Republican 'County Committee' chose Board of Education President Vicky Flynn and long time resident, former owner of Dearborn Farms, DJ Luccarelli. Flynn and Luccarelli are on the Trump line. 

The court was scheduled to hear the matter this week.

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