NEW JERSEY — HOPES Community Action Partnership, Incorporated (HOPES CAP, Inc.) is committed to being a Nurture NJ partner and ensuring that New Jersey is the safest and most equitable state in the nation to deliver and raise a baby. 

Lara DeSoto, Manager of Infant-Toddler Education, on behalf of the HOPES Early Childhood Programs Management Team shares “HOPES CAP, Inc. ardently supports Nurture NJ’s goal to eliminate racial inequities in maternal healthcare. In our work with expectant women, we often see the challenges women of color face when trying to access high-quality care and information. Through HOPES Expectant Women Program we strive to provide supportive and individualized services to ensure positive outcomes for all women and children, both in infancy and beyond. HOPES unites in First Lady Murphy’s mission to eradicate disparities and commits to providing comprehensive services that support this goal.”

“HOPES is such a special place for children. It is a great comfort for me to know that my children are happy and have formed a bond with their teachers, as well as their classmates and central staff.  I am truly amazed by the curriculum taught in the center and remotely. I am very thankful that my children have a safe environment to learn and develop. Thanks to HOPES I never had to worry about child care. We are truly blessed to be a part of HOPES,” Tinisha, mother of children enrolled in HOPES Early Childhood Programs. 

HOPES CAP, Inc. Expectant Women Program gives pregnant women access to comprehensive prenatal and postnatal assistance. HOPES seeks to accomplish the goal by offering the support necessary, to enable all women to continue their pregnancies, deliver healthy babies and care for themselves and their children. The HOPES Expectant Woman Program provides pregnant women with:

  • Prenatal Education

  • Early and Continuing risk assessment

  • Promote and educate on healthy and nutritious lifestyles

  • Mental Health Interventions and follow-up

  • Resources and referrals

  • Planning for the entry* of the baby into HOPES Early Head Start Program

             *space and income eligibility requirements apply

“Me siento feliz por todo su apoyo cuando estuve en embarazo y ahora que ya está mi nena conmigo. Gracias por el cuidado que le dan y por estar al pendiente de ella. Gracias HOPES por ayudar ala mujeres embarazadas.”  Martha, mother of an infant enrolled in HOPES Early Head Start Program.  

HOPES CAP, Inc. Expectant Women Program serves pregnant women in Hoboken, Jersey City, Plainfield, and Somerset County. Expectant women can register in this program during any term of their pregnancy.  The HOPES Expectant Women Program is part of a whole-family approach that also includes benefits and assistance, and adult education classes, such as Computer and ESL. HOPES Community Programs provide assistance with enrolling in a state health insurance plan, and children’s health insurance program (CHIP), in addition to providing free income tax preparation that helps families receive the NJ Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). 

For more information about HOPES CAP, Inc. Expectant Women Program, please visit, or contact Lara DeSoto, Infant-Toddler Education Manager, 1-855-OK-HOPES ext. 2305. 

About HOPES Community Action Partnership, Inc.

HOPES CAP, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a member of the national network of Community Action Partnerships designated under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, with locations in Hoboken, Plainfield, and Somerset, New Jersey. HOPES has been serving primarily low-income individuals and families for over 53 years. The mission of HOPES is to provide services that respond to the social, educational, and training needs of individuals in an effort to overcome barriers and fight the causes of poverty. HOPES empowers people of all ages: more than 1,000 children from birth to 5 years old for school readiness, and over 3,000 youth, adults, and seniors towards economic self-sufficiency.

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