DOYLESTOWN, Pa. —  “The clinic and demo were excellent. Lots of great horses and their people!  We’re looking at doing something again in Spring 2018,” said internationally renowned equine educator and trainer, Farah DeJohnette, regarding her free and open to the public Liberty Training demonstration and clinic that followed on the weekend, sponsored by Holistic Horse Magazine, on Sept. 22, hosted at the Delaware Valley University equestrian team facility.

DeJohnette, who bases her True Natural Classical Horsemanship services from Ohana Farm in North Brookfield, Mass., ran a Facebook Contest where one lucky owner won a free two-hour Liberty training session for their horse.

The contest’s winning entry read like a fairytale, complete with a happy ending.

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 “There were several good contestants,” DeJohnette said. “In the end I went with Cinnamon, a three year-old gelding rescued from New Holland for $350.” The attractive grulla, described as “feral” and facing near certain doom over the auction’s notorious kill pen scales, was pulled by Sherry Hillard, a middle-aged first-time horse owner with the heart and patience to rescue a youngster in need. Their relationship has since blossomed, she told DeJohnette, to the point where Cinnamon has “given her the confidence to do mustang makeovers” while learning to apply the tenets of holistic horsemanship and equine massage to further strengthen their bond.

“Cinnamon was the perfect choice,” she continued. “He had eye appeal and personality. When we started the Liberty work, his spirit and character showed for me and the audience, and then he quieted down before my asking Sherry to mount up.”

Cinnamon and Hillard perfectly embodied a natural, holistic relationship, she said: “What energy you bring to an interaction is key because a horse reflects back not only what they have learned, but what you bring to the relationship. I think they will keep growing together and look forward to her staying in touch about their progress.”

The Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship system of training uses Liberty, Ground and In-Hand work integrated with Natural Classical principles, inspired by Nuno Oliveira, guided by the work of Bettina Drummond, and influenced by Linda Tellington and seven-time Olympian John Winnett. DeJohnette operates her holistic horsemanship-based Ohana Farm while maintaining clients across the USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

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