According to The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Internal Medicine Journal, a study has shown that people - especially older adults who suffer from insomnia - sleep much better when taught meditation practices as compared to people who tried other sleep education. What they learned is that meditation helps people learn to relax better, so they can let go of all the stress and get a good night’s sleep.

* It Improves Your Relaxation Response – Due to the fact that meditation helps you learn to focus your breathing and bring your mind to the present, it helps you learn how to relax better and stop remunerating about the day, the past, or the future while you’re trying to fall asleep.

* Helps You Let Go of a Hard Day – When you learn mindfulness, which is the ability to focus on the now instead of the past or the future, it helps you fall asleep faster. When you’re focused on "now", you’re not focused on anything but how the sheets feel, and how your body needs rest and relaxation.

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* Encourages You to Stop Remunerating – Remuneration is when you find your mind circling thoughts. So, you might start going over a conversation you had at work during the day that bothered you and makes up a way that you could have responded differently. This serves no purpose while you’re trying to sleep and will interfere with your sleep. Being more mindful of the thoughts you’re having can help you avoid this wasted exercise.

* Ends Your Stress Thoughts about the Future – Worried about a job interview, a project at work, or even paying the bills when you need to sleep? Meditation can train you to stop doing that and instead focus on what you need right now, which is sleep. 

* Helps You Let Go – When you learn how to truly focus on what you’re doing right this moment instead of what you did, or might do in the future, it makes it easier to let go so you can fall asleep using meditation techniques.

Meditation essentially teaches you how to let go and relax. So many of us are wound up tight and have a hard time releasing and letting go. How many times have you caught yourself with your hands in fists? How many times have you realized you’re clenching your jaw? These are the types of things that meditation can help you become more mindful of so that you can let go and relax and fall asleep in a stress-free way.

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