No, this isn’t about how to be more attractive to you mate. This is about how to become attractive to a potential partner in a way that can help thrust your business into the stratosphere. That way, before you even approach the big business on the block, you look like someone they want to work with.

* Join Their Lists – Get on the lists of the people you want to work in the future. Read everything they put out. Even buy some of their products. That way you can see what type of products they deliver to their audience. Just because someone is popular doesn’t mean they necessarily put out the type of products you want to be associated with, so it’s best that you find out for yourself. 

* Engage Often – One way to stand out to the person you want to partner with is to engage with them often. Offer advice to their group members that you know they’d support. Show yourself for who you are and make sure they notice you in a good way.

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* Show Your Strengths – Everyone has strengths, so you want to lead with those. Once you’ve been engaging with them, make sure they notice when you promote a new product. If they happen to be amazing affiliates, you might approach them to become an affiliate of yours with a special deal. 

* Improve Your Branding – Keep working on making your branding more cohesive across all channels. The better you look to them, the more likely they are to say yes to you about working with you in a partnership of some sort. 

* Promote Their Products – A sure-fire way to get noticed is to appear on the leaderboards of a high producing affiliate. Promote their products to your lists. You can be assured that if you show up, even if you’re in the top 25, they’re going to notice you more. 

Becoming more attractive to future partners simply requires that you run your business the best way that you can, proving that you earn money, command respect, and are appreciated by your audience. Plus, you want them to know that you’re ethical, honest, and dependable. 

Next time, we’ll give some ideas about some proven profitable partnership ideas.