A last-minute sale can be the last thing you want to do because it does take time and effort in your already busy day or work week. On the other hand, the results can be well worth it if you boost sales as a result.

There are several easy steps to create last-minute sales as part of your monthly marketing mix.

Decide What You Want to Sell

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Choose your product/s to sell. Think of a reason why, such as the end of the season or the start of season sale, a new product at a special low introductory price, and so on.

Check Your Sales Funnel

If you have already been selling the product, walk through the sales funnel from end to end to make sure the process is smooth and the sale will go through as planned.

Clone Your Sales Funnel

Once you have done your walk-through and are sure everything is working well, clone the sales funnel. Save it with a new URL that will be easy to spot as you track and test your special sales success.  

Edit the sale funnel to reflect the sales price you have decided upon. Make sure the price is the same everywhere it is mentioned. The easiest way to do this is to only ever mention the price just above the Buy button on the page.

Test the Discounted Sales Funnel

Walk through the sales funnel one more time to be sure everything works and the new sales price is reflected in the shopping cart or at checkout.

Email Announcement

Once you are sure everything is working well, announce the special sale to your email list. Then track your open rates and sales to see what kind of conversion rates and profits you have made.

Clone the Discounted Funnel Again

Once you see how well the sale has worked with your most loyal audience, you can copy it again and use it to drive traffic through social media. Name the page the same as before, but with a service mark at the end to show easily on your reports where the traffic and sales are coming from. Then announce the sale on all of your social media accounts and see what kind of response you get.

Consider using sponsored posts on Facebook and Twitter as well to target your niche audience and drive traffic to the sale. Remember to turn off the posts when the sale is done.

Tidying Up

Copy all of your work into a safe place. Then update each sales page with a "sorry you missed the sale" message. It can contain a link to the item at the regular price, and other items they might be interested in. You would lose traffic if you destroyed the page, and you can always copy and paste the sales page back in again and run the sale once more any time you like.

We're going to look further at sales next time, talking about where you should offer an unplanned sale.