RAHWAY, NJ - Call it "Revenge of the Nerds."

Rocket scientist Mark Rober has become an internet sensation by posting a YouTube video demonstrating how he built a "glitter and stink bomb" disguised as an Amazon package.The package cameras that loaded up videos onto the cloud, so that Rober could watch the results. (See video below).

Most people aren't going to have the know-how to build such a package, but they can take precautions on how to protect against package theft.

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If you are home and expecting a gift in the mail or via delivery service. Police advise retrieving packages as soon as they arrive. This will severely cut into the window of opportunity for would-be thieves. 

Local police departments have issued several tips on how to avoid theft this holiday season.

Coordinate with Neighbors -- Ask a trusted neighbor to watch for your deliveries and agree to secure each other's packages. If you don't know your neighbors well or if they are also away during delivery hours, have your packages delivered to you at work.

Package Tracking -- Track your packages online to see exactly when they are en route to you. Take advantage of couriers' text notification service letting you know when a package has been delivered.

Special Instructions -- Give special instructions for where to place delivered packages. Consider the side or back of the house so that the package is out of plain view.

Signature Confirmation -- Request a signature confirmation of delivery. The FedEx or UPS driver will have to wait until you're available or deliver the package to an nearby neighbor.