Let me set the scene. You are standing at your closet staring at your clothes. Just staring. At your clothes. Your mind goes blank. After several moments of drifting into a vacant stupor, you finally hear yourself say, “I have nothing to wear!” Tell me this hasn’t happened to you.  Of course, this happens more as the seasons change. I have news; it is now full-on spring and weather conditions are all over the place – seasonably warm, unseasonably warm, cool, cold, sun, clouds, wind, rain – and this can only mean one thing … the season of closet staring has begun.

Actually, I think this particular dilemma is a girl-thing. Women need to feel connected to what they are wearing. For women, clothing is very personal; it is the closest thing to their bodies, their hearts and spirits. Men, however, don’t often get emotional about their clothing. In fact, I am sure there are conversations between men and women happening right now, which go something like this …

Woman: (staring into her closet)  “I have nothing to wear today.”

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Man: (walking by, peeking into same closet) “What are you talking about? You have lots of clothes.”

Woman: (incredulous) “No, you are not looking.”

Man: (more incredulous) “What do you mean I am not looking?

I am looking at a closet full of clothes.”

Woman: “You don’t understand.”

Man: “I guess I don’t.”


Don’t panic. Keep one or two key transition pieces at the ready. In the end, it is better to wear one single, durable and well-loved item over and over, than wear several that are neither. Take a moment to go through your closet and create an out pile once and for all. If you haven’t worn something for at least a year, it should go. Perhaps having a paired-down closet will help cut down on your staring time.

Good luck!

Melissa Kaplan Guarino delights in sharing her love of fashion with you. Check out Melissa’s blog – speakingoffashion.com.