I Have Nothing to Wear!


Let me set the scene. You are standing at your closet staring at your clothes. Just staring. At your clothes. Your mind goes blank. After several moments of drifting into a vacant stupor, you finally hear yourself say, “I have nothing to wear!” Tell me this hasn’t happened to you.  Of course, this happens more as the seasons change. I have news; it is now full-on spring and weather conditions are all over the place – seasonably warm, unseasonably warm, cool, cold, sun, clouds, wind, rain – and this can only mean one thing … the season of closet staring has begun.

Actually, I think this particular dilemma is a girl-thing. Women need to feel connected to what they are wearing. For women, clothing is very personal; it is the closest thing to their bodies, their hearts and spirits. Men, however, don’t often get emotional about their clothing. In fact, I am sure there are conversations between men and women happening right now, which go something like this …

Woman: (staring into her closet)  “I have nothing to wear today.”

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Man: (walking by, peeking into same closet) “What are you talking about? You have lots of clothes.”

Woman: (incredulous) “No, you are not looking.”

Man: (more incredulous) “What do you mean I am not looking?

I am looking at a closet full of clothes.”

Woman: “You don’t understand.”

Man: “I guess I don’t.”


Don’t panic. Keep one or two key transition pieces at the ready. In the end, it is better to wear one single, durable and well-loved item over and over, than wear several that are neither. Take a moment to go through your closet and create an out pile once and for all. If you haven’t worn something for at least a year, it should go. Perhaps having a paired-down closet will help cut down on your staring time.

Good luck!

Melissa Kaplan Guarino delights in sharing her love of fashion with you. Check out Melissa’s blog – speakingoffashion.com.

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