Dear Resident,          

I am honored and excited to support John Everitt as a candidate for the New Providence Borough Council.  I feel that New Providence is extremely fortunate to have a person of such high-quality seeking election in our town.

John possesses all the personal characteristics and innate abilities that those that seek public office should possess…. but unfortunately, in today’s time, many do not!            

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John has demonstrated a keen sense of business acuity which can be seen in his two successful local businesses.  I am sure that he will bring this business acumen to our Council and use it to help guide sound business and financial practices in all town affairs. 

What you see with John is what you will get!  He will not say one thing and then do another.  He is one of the most integrable and straightforward people that you will meet.  If he gives you his word, it is “as good as gold”. I watched John transform and vastly improve the NP Lions communications systems. He personally developed and maintains our entire website voluntarily. During John’s recent tenure as President, I personally worked with John, on our Fundraising Committee increasing our fundraising results by 80% over two years.

It should also be noted, that John is not one to pontificate from on high and then shy away from the work that is necessary to back the idea.  John can certainly think creatively and “outside of the box”, but once an idea is embraced, he is not afraid to apply his own “blood, sweat, and tears” to make it happen.  He is a man of creative ideas and he in turn works hard to make those ideas reach fruition.

We in town, are at the crossroads as to what the future holds for all of us.  The decisions that our Borough Council will make are more important than ever and will impact upon future generations.  It is now of the utmost importance that the “right individuals” are elected to serve our town.  Please join me in making the “right” decision by supporting John Everitt for New Providence Borough Council.  Be sure to cast your vote for John Everitt for Borough Council on June 4th.

William Dunscombe

NP Resident & Assoc. Professor of Biology Union County Community College