Ice Loves Coco and We Love Them Both


The second season premiere of Ice Loves Coco is set for February 19, 2012 on the E! Entertainment Network  at 10:30 pm EST and if the new season is anything like last year's it will be a pleasure to watch. They give their audience a good show and it is worth watching every minute of it.

Unlike the reality shows featuring amateurs and the kind of people you would avoid in real life let alone watch on TV, Ice T and Nicole "Coco" Austin bring a professional charm and savvy to their show. What you see is what you get and what you get is fun and quality.

On Super-Bowl Sunday I was privileged to interview Ice T and Coco about the new season of their hit show Ice Loves Coco and I can't remember when I had this much fun in an interview. Unlike some celebrity couples who seem to talk over each other or hog the interviewer's time, Ice T and Coco were respectful of one another. Their genuine love and caring for each other shines through. Like a comfortable married couple they shared stories about how they met and what attracted them to each other.

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The pair met on the set of a music video in 2001 where Ice T was visiting some friends. To keep him occupied while they worked they introduced him to Coco. Both he and Coco saw something in each other that made them want to be a couple because they've been together for over eleven years.

Always interested in fashion, Coco was intrigued by what Ice T was wearing and adds, "I like hard core men. Ice was just that, he was an aggressive character, but he had a little flavor. At the same time he made me laugh. That’s a good package right there.”

In response to my question about how she knew they'd get together again after she had returned to her life in Arizona, Coco told me, "I had to come back. I left a bunch of my clothes on my side of the bed so both of us knew I'd be returning."

Ice T then invited her to go on an eleven day non-stop this-is-what-my-professional-life-is adventure of sorts. No holds-barred, this is me.

Ice T says, “She ended up coming to New York to visit. When it was time for her to go home – I never forget - she looked at me and she had like puppy eyes and I was like ‘you don’t wanna go huh?’ And she’s like shaking her head no. I was like ‘advance to the next level of the game, because I had a great time with you and I don’t want you to go.’”

They're also business partners and,  in this as in other aspects of their relationship, they work well together. Though both are creative and artistic, Ice T says that Coco is more detailed-oriented than he is and that's fine. This is a man who likes a strong woman and Coco is certainly that. For the record, Coco took personal care of her mom during her life-threatening illness and endured her parents' divorce. As an adult she also helped take care of a former boyfriend who was ill.

"You can both be strong in a marriage and support each other's goals. We're teammates, Kristen, we're not opponents and that makes a difference in a relationship," said Ice T.

When I mentioned that I had written an article called "Run Your Marriage Like You Run a Business" Ice T said that a marriage should be run like a business because the business is in making sure it works and is successful. It's a commitment.

Born in Newark but moving to Los Angeles to live with his aunt after the death of his parents, Ice T has come back to the Garden State which he and Coco now call home.This season will cover many areas of their life together both professional and personal. On the personal side will be the issue of pregnancy and a health scare for Coco that puts the idea of getting pregnant and giving birth on the back-burner. We'll also see the couple packs their bags and get away for some much-needed rest in Hawaii and Miami and their unpredictable adventures there.

There's also the ongoing search for a "baby mama" for their beloved English bulldog Spartacus. Their affection for him touches a chord with every pet lover.

Some of Coco's professional life spills over into their personal one when she guest stars on Ice T's "Law and Order: SVU" series as a character called Venus. When she has to have a romantic moment with another actor, she's a bit concerned about what her husband's reaction will be.

Season two of Ice Loves Coco, beginning February 19 at 10:30 pm on E! is a show that I'll be watching with a definite recommendation that you watch too. It's fun, it's good television, and you'll enjoy every minute.

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