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Mega thanks to my readers for all of your inquires as to when I would resume writing my column “Did You Know”.  It is true that I have been on a brief sabbatical for a couple of months, however, today I have returned refreshed and chomping at the bit, lol.  You will see my column once a month going forward.  As many of you who know me personally as well as my writings; it would be fair to say that it is my style that “I ask for forgiveness rather than ask permission, as it relates to expressing my opinion orally as well as in writing… Let me begin by asking the forgiveness any of my readers who become offended by what I am about to write. Kindly charge it to my passionate nature, it is not meant to be mean or hurtful… Moreover, I invite you to begin a dialogue about this article in our “letter to the Editor” section; we would love to hear from you on this subject or any other on your mind…

Now with that being said:  I came across a post on Face Book that really grabbed my attention because I personally agreed with so much of it .  So much so I decided to re-post it on my personal Face Book page and to write about it today. 

The posting came from a fellow African American journalist and writer Dr. Farrah Gray…I was previously not familiar with his writing.  However, I have since given him a Face Book like (BTW I was one of over 1.5 million others), and was introduced to his digital news site www.FarrahGray.com and I signed up to receive a copy of his e-book.  The follow is at least some portion of an interview that was published on Mr. Gray’s site.  It appears to have been between an Asian Interviewer and an Asian gentleman by the name of Mr. Chang. The subject was how he would address the concerns of Black people.

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Asian Interviewer: "Can you address their concerns Mr. Chang?" 

MR. CHANG: "The concerns of Black people? Yes I can. The fact is, that we all live under a system of White Supremacy. We Asian people look back at our long history of conflict with the European. We observe their strategies and develop our own, in response and in kind. There is no need for loud mass movements on our part, because we intend to overtake them in time, through action and personal sacrifice".

Asian INTERVIEWER: "And the Black man?" 

MR. CHANG: "He does not count into our situation. He is simply here. We do not hate the Black man. We just love the Asian man most. Real love--not cliché. We want to see Asian man happy, so we employ him. We eat together. We spend time with each other. We want his kids to be educated, so we invest in our own schools that offer our children the technical abilities to change the world's power structure in our favor. We want to see the Asian man safe, so we purchase and organize our own communities. We want him to remain Asian, so we reduce the outside influence of others ideologies and cultures. While he fought to sniff behind the White man, the Black man has had the opportunity and every right in the world to do the same, but he chooses to indict people like me for not hiring him over my own brothers. For me to do this would be foolish and that would not be Asian love. In contrast, the Black man will fight for the right to be up under everyone else other than other Black people who he should feel the most love for. If our indifference to their situation make us racist, then what would you call the Black man's indifference to his own situation?" www.FarrahGray.com

Let me begin my comments by saying I DO NOT believe now nor will I ever, that “All Europeans or Caucasians subscribe to White Supremacy.  So before you bother sending me letters or emails let’s establish that! But I do believe a large portion of what we call the 1%tors do!  They write and control the laws, economies, real estate, utilities, manufacturing, transportation, communication, prisons, media, governments, armies, 7 warfare, taxes and money; thereby, they control the masses, period..! Therefore, If you do not understand that, unfortunately you are naive and in for a rude awakening.

The is my impassioned commentary posted on my Face Book page

Every Black person that sees this should re-post it and re-assess the way you think. Especially if you are one of the type of Black person(s)  who do not love your people and are not working on some project to improve our circumstances within YOUR SPHERE of INFLUENCE!!..HOWEVER, IF YOU ARE WE WILL MEET EACH OTHER ON THE ROAD TO BLACK UNITY...REMEMBER YOU CANNOT HAVE THE WORD COMMUNITY...WITHOUT THE WORD UNITY!!! THINK ABOUT IT...PUT ASIDE FOOLISHNESS...AND START A MOVEMENT OR JOIN A MOVEMENT TO DEVELOP BLACK UNIFICATION IN YOUR COMMUNITY!!  

Finally, here is what disturbed me the most about this whole posting!!! A lot of you go onto my Face Book page(and I appreciate you for it)and make comments, as I do yours.  Let me give you some data to say “hmmmm” about.


7/26/14 “Beautiful Feet”    23 Likes           9 Comments

7/30/14 “Sagging Pants” law proposed in Ocala Fla.    32 Likes       22 Comments

8/2/14   “My Sister & I Tom Thumb Wedding”      64 Likes                                11 Comments

8/3/14   “Mr. Chang Post”             5 Likes                   3 Comments

8/17/14 “Bill Hunter You’re Always Sharp” pictures    42 Likes       7 Comments

Does anyone besides me see an alarming pattern here?  Remember the last line Mr. Chang said in his interview “If our indifference to their situation makes us racist, then what you would call the Black man's indifference to his own situation?"

We no longer have the luxury to look at the huge walls of social/ economic injustice and lack around us and not attempt to pull them down…if we as a people don’t do it how will it get done…If not now then when. IJS

East Orange resident, Community activist, teacher, life coach...Co-founder of Civic Cares Community Foundation

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