WAYNE, NJ - Located at the Preakness Valley Golf Course, the "In The Drink" Bar & Grill provides patrons with high-end live music entertainment and superior food and drink.

Professional musician, John-Pierre Conques, speaks with TAPintoTV prior to a 3-hour live set on the outdoor patio, which included songs by The Eagles, Van Morrison, Poco, The Allman Brothers and Scott Sharrard. With extensive training and education, including degrees from SUNY Potsdam and Montclair State University, John-Pierre provides audio engineering for national television programs including Brooklyn 99 and numerous PBS features.

"In The Drink" Restaurant Manager and Events Coordinator, Janet Kunzmann, brings high-level food service experience to Preakness Valley, and works closely with local small business organizations and chambers of commerce to support networking functions and group meetings on a regular basis.

For more information about In The Drink, please visit: http://www.preaknessvalleygolf.com/barandgrill/