WattLots LLC announced today that it has completed the installation of the ground breaking “Power Arbor”™ parking lot system at Runnells Specialized Hospital in Berkeley Heights, NJ.  The WattLots Solar Power Arbors™ represent a clear and striking break from the parking solar installations delivering 160,000 kilowatt hours of clean power from the sun annually. .  The installation will save the hospital $1.7 million and reduce carbon emissions by 3,300 tons over the life of the system was installed by EMSA Solar and funded by a Union County Federal Stimulus Fund Grant.

“The product’s unique design answers a number of issues which plague conventional parking lot structures” said WattLots’ CEO, William Kaufman. “The Power Arbor™ provides a uniquely styled parking lot canopy system that is specifically designed for the northeastern climate” The Power Arbor™ provides substantial quantities of clean, renewable electrical energy at the source of demand where it is needed and it automatically rotates and follows the sun   increasing energy generation by up to 40 percent.

The system uses silicon mono-crystalline solar cells which are the most reliable and highest efficiency technology available. They provide the highest power output per area occupied of any known solar technologies worldwide. Unlike other flat panel systems, its open-air design does not collect snow which provides up to 60 more days of operation per year, making it perfect for Northeast Corridor lots or regions with regular snowfall. The structures are manufactured and assembled in New Jersey”.

“This solar installation represents another step forward for Union County as we transition toward new energy technologies that are cleaner, safer, healthier and that save money, too,” said Freeholder Chairman Linda Carter. “We are very proud that Union County is helping to ensure that New Jersey continues its national leadership role in the solar energy field.”