How does one justify extending unemployment job benefits for another year? It seems President Obama can justify every decision, lame or lucid. He simply gets three unemployed workers to stand next to him in the garden and witness. Then makes his case. He's giving them a gift, or so it seems. And the spotlight turns again on Obama the savior of the people….ummm. He then in a loud, grand gesture blames the Republicans for the loss of jobs. Really? After you have been at the helm for over five hundred days, borrowing and printing more money in your short tenure then any other president in the history of our nation. Further, the jobless rate was about 19% when Bush left office and now hovers at a whopping 35%.

Truth be told, the Republicans are in favor of the extended unemployment benefits, but to be paid to the jobless through the billions that are sitting in the coffers of the so called stimulus fund. This makes sense, doesn't it? But then to do this would contradict the purpose for those funds, i.e., to create jobs. Ha! Wonder why the President and his cohorts are not in favor of this sensible accounting move? Possibly, because these funds may be saved to finance elections, more specifically Obama's run in 2012. So he brings three unemployed workers to the Rose Garden to make himself larger than "their" life, under the pretense of giving them a gift, by means only he and his administration favors. Where is the transparency and bipartisanship he promised as a presidential candidate? Long forgotten.

Let's look at the facts…according to the Heritage Foundation; there were 52 months of job growth under the Bush administration. When the former president left office the country's debt was $161 Billion, after 8 years in office. Under Democratic rule our debt has skyrocketed to $2.4 Trillion in a little over 500 days. We are told by this administration that three million jobs have been created, when according The National Review; 2.5 million jobs have been lost in the private sector, while 416 thousand government jobs have been created. Stats show that 652,000 people gave up looking for work and that number is rising, with 464,000 jobless claims filed last week alone. And now with the passage of the extended jobless benefits, $34 Billion has been added to the national debt. Yes, this is a stark difference from the last administration with over two years of steady job growth. Yet, since President Obama took office in January 2008, unemployment has doubled, and he still insists on passing the buck.

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Tax increases naturally affect each of us as well. The impact of tax increases faced by American families, seniors and businesses if the current Bush tax cuts expire will be $2.4 Trillion, while $1,716 will be the average tax increase for over 100 million Americans if these tax cuts are allowed to expire. The Heritage Foundation as a proven source, tells us 1.5 million jobs could be created by full repeal of the Death Tax, while the cost of reinstating the Death Tax is $91 Billion. Staggering, isn't it? We are further informed; $503 Billion dollars is the initial cost of 18 "Obamacare" tax increases identified by the Heritage Foundation. Sounds like a spiraling down effect to me. How low can we go?

We can no longer be apathetic mopers; we must look at this dismal picture and see how these empty promises only promote a man, his agenda and ideology, not a solution to the problems we as Americans face. Since the beginning of time, humanity longed for freedom and has fought to claim liberty. Oppression and tyranny were the enemies of such desires and needs. There are legislators of the day who reflect tyranny and a denial of rights through their voting power, and a president and administration that choose not to listen and hear what the citizens or our country favor or need, in declaring their rights. For example, 70% of Americans are in favor of the Arizona Immigration Law to restrict aliens from crossing the border and to erect the fencing needed to ensure this. But our government goes forth to actually sue the state of Arizona for attempting to enforce the federal law that has not been enforced to protect its citizens and the land. What's wrong with this picture?

We need to get past the words, the continual rhetoric, failed promises, and speeches. We must be selective in our choices of media and news coverage. The Daily reported and proved that over 400 prestigious journalists have sabotaged the American people with lies and distortions of the truth through their personal support of candidate Obama and through his mandates and foibles as president as well. So if one listens to the mainstream media, they will be deluded into believing all is well and hopeful, because the reporters are willfully suppressing stories to accommodate and protect the candidates or elected officials they prefer, while mocking and smearing the opponents. A well-known pundit has said journalism died in 2008. The media should be the ultimate check and balance. Thomas Jefferson declared properly in 1807, "The press is impotent when it abandons itself to falsehood." He further noted, "These abuses of an institution so important to freedom and science are deeply to be regretted, in as much as they tend to lessen its safety."

The revolution of conscience that began in 1979, with the freeing of Poland from Communist control must continue on our soil, for our land. We need a generation of Americans dedicated to restoring core values that have made us the most successful country in the world for the last 400 years. Our White House is residence to a secular, socialist machine, willing to dispose of God, by making government central to living, while many elected politicians define America in opposition to the founding fathers. Yes, wake up; we must to claim our God given, natural rights. We are a great nation founded under God. He orchestrates our destiny, not mere men, or one president. It's not too late to change the course of our history for the good. Remember in November, and vote your conscience.