How Display Advertising is a Key Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

It takes businesses a while to build their presence in the digital world.  To obtain a full digital transformation one of the only criteria to get better conversions is using new technologies to increase the amount of traffic that you can get to the online face of your business.  And if you’re going to stick to only agile organic ways to generate traffic, it is sure going to take a lot more time without using paid methods. Paid advertising is a great way to lead traffic to your website, and it doesn’t always cost an arm or a leg.

But What is a Digital Strategy?

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For a digital business looking at a business model utilizing digital technologies, there are various kinds of paid advertising to help build a constant flow of traffic to your website. This goes beyond looking at things like the supply chain, short-term gains, low-cost new product analysis and delves into a business strategy centered on digital initiatives like social media.  Display advertising is an often overlooked starting point that could be a potent piece of the digital marketing value chain of any high cost, real-time successful digital investments, and business benefits.

How are display ads different from PPC or SEM?

Internet marketing components like search engine marketing (SEM) or PPC, ads are business opportunities displayed to people who search for a certain keyword. Display ads, on the other hand, are served to people who are browsing.

There are three things to consider before you place your display ads to make them effective:

  • Grab Attention: Display advertising must be visually appealing for the audience it is intended for. As it is the first point of interaction, it needs to grab their attention.

  • Maximum Exposure: You can increase the visibility of your business by placing your display ads on websites that are not only relevant to your niche, but also have a high volume of traffic.

  • Targeting: If you know your audience well you can drill down to exact kind of people you want to target on a granular level. Your chances of getting a response are much better from the audience if they find it relevant.

Strategies for effective display ads:

Making Them Visual: PPC ads are textual. Display ads are graphical that give you unlimited options to stand out. Apart from pictures, you can use videos, audio clips and also text into your display ads. Not only is it easy to grab attention it’s also easy to get your brand recognized.

Building Awareness: Even if people don’t actually click on your display ads, you can raise your brand awareness by keeping the image you portray consistent. Just by looking at your ads viewers can get a lot of information about your brand.

Effective Targeting:  Similar to Google PPC, you can drill down and choose exactly where your ads are served and to what kind of audience for your display ads. Factors like the geographic area they appear in, the demographic (age, gender, etc.) or the niche market they appeal to, and what kinds of websites they appear on should be decided before starting your campaign.

For example, an HVAC repair company can target homeowners who live in their zip code and have been visiting HVAC repair related websites. To maximize your display ad spend, knowing and targeting your ads would go a long way.

Using the Data Provided by Display Ads: Display ad networks have their own analytics like Google or FB. So you’ll know how your ads are doing and crucial stats like how many times they’ve been clicked on, the amount of traffic that’s being generated through the ads, and the percentage of conversions from the display ads.

This will also help you sharpen your ads, and help you identify what’s working and what’s not. It’s critical that you look at the data in periodic intervals to take a call on the things that are not yielding results.

Cost of Display Ads:  The cost of search CPC’s are higher compared to average CPC for display ads.  It makes more sense investing in display ads targeted to the right audience that will lead to traffic and eventually a conversion.

One reason display ads are cheaper is that there is often less competition for space on many placements, unlike search engine PPC where generally the highest bidder wins the auction.  Digital display advertising is also cheaper than traditional forms of advertising and gives you a lot more control of the way you want to target them.

Janeene High is the owner of Results Driven Marketing, a 100%  women-owned business headquartered in Wynnewood, PA with an office in Philadelphia, PA.  Janeene and her team have been helping customers increase qualified traffic to their websites by using the latest SEO, PPC and social media strategies. If you or your business looking to be found by more people that need your services, contact  RDM or give Janeene a call 215-393-8700.

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