Mitchell Goldberg Hosts Grandson’s Bris at Senior Living Community; Seniors Help Welcome Newborn into Jewish Faith and the JCHC Extended Family

WHIPPANY, N.J., April 29, 2016 – Mitchell Goldberg and his wife, Marjorie, recently welcomed their second grandchild, Nathan Joseph Fisch with a very special celebration at the Lester Senior Housing Community on April 26. The “brit milah” (or “bris” as it is commonly called) was attended not only by the family, but also by 60 residents of the senior living community in Whippany. Goldberg is the Regional Director of Dining Services of the Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan New Jersey (JCHC), which owns and manages four communities for older adults in Morris and Essex counties, including the Lester Senior Housing Community; his wife is a dietician at the JCHC.

“We were all delighted to be able to share this beautiful occasion with our extended JCHC family,” said Goldberg, who has been with the non-profit organization for 12 years. When he suggested holding the ceremony and festive luncheon at the Lester Senior Housing Community, Mallory, her husband, Mark Fisch and Mark’s parents, Faye and Barry Fisch, all gave an enthusiastic thumbs up about sharing their joy with the residents.

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A “brit milah,” or covenant of circumcision, is the ritual circumcision ceremony performed on a Jewish baby boy eight days after his birth, marking the baby’s pact as a member of the Jewish people. It is also the day when the baby is officially given his Hebrew name; Nathan is named for his great-great-grandfather, who was a Holocaust survivor.

According to Jewish tradition, several family members played key roles in the ceremony. Grandmothers Marjorie and Faye were “kvatterinot,” the messengers who carry the baby from the parents to the brit room and bring him back to the mother afterwards. Grandfather Barry Fisch had the honor of “sandek,” the man who holds the pillow upon which the baby is lying during the procedure. Marjorie Goldberg crocheted the tiny yarmulke that baby Nathan wore.

The Lester residents were equally delighted to celebrate with the Goldbergs and the Fisches. Pollyanne Fluke said that, "To have this joyous occasion during Passover is so meaningful; it’s wonderful to be welcoming this little baby during this time. And, for us to be part of Mitchell's family in this way is another reason we love living here.”

Marjorie Goldberg thanked the community for hosting the bris and echoed those sentiments. "The Lester residents are truly another part of our families.”

The Lester Senior Housing Community is located at 903-905 Route 10 East in Whippany, N.J. on the Alex Aidekman Family Campus of the Jewish Federation. It offers a range of living options, amenities and services for independent seniors and those who require assisted living support. For more information, visit or call (973) 929-2725.



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