Before making your list and checking it twice, take some time to shop at Tiffany Natural Pharmacy. You’ll be amazed at the grand display of fabulous gifts that are waiting to be purchased for family and friends.

Consider beautiful, warm throws which may easily be draped over your favorite club chair, sofa, or even across your bed. Check out the array of gorgeous scarves. Perfect for any and all outfits, and weather, you’ll be thrilled with the array of gorgeous colors and textures. What’s even better, is they are priced to suit your budget. To be sure, you’ve seen many of these scarves at our finer department stores and specialty shops

You’re also welcome to check out the adorable gifts for your beloved pet. Proprietor Brian Pinto has not only thought about his beloved customer base, he is most considerate of the furry friends occupying your home.So much so, that shelves and walls are filled with adorable goodies for Fido and your favorite Kitty cat.

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Consider Veterinary Compounding

In addition to special gifts for your favorite pet, the pharmacists at Tiffany Natural Pharmacy, understand that your pet's health is as important as your own.

Compounded medications are often the solution, when your veterinarian prescribes a commercially available human medication. Individual Compounding or custom blending of specific medication into more suitable flavors and dosage, offer an easier method of attending to your pet’s individual needs.

“For best results, please call and arrange a consultation with our pharmacists, or stop in and speak to a member of our staff,” says Pharmacist and Proprietor Brian Pinto..

“Ease your mind. All of your pet’s issues are easily solved when you visit the pharmacists at Tiffany Natural Pharmacy.”

You’ll be amazed at all of the fabulous “Finds” that are right before you very eyes at Tiffany Natural Pharmacy!
Happy Holiday Shopping!

What: Tiffany Natural Pharmacy
Where: 115 South Ave., Westfield