Kinetic is such a good word- it means motion, energizing. Sometimes, even in this world, we can find ourselves in energizing situations, catching a new wave, in spite of ourselves...

Like now, with whole industries seeming to crumble. Like mine, broadcasting. And music. And books. (People always say, 'Gosh, I miss you on WCBS! And ABC.' And I miss it too!) So many people have lost the work we loved- but always, we can combine our experience and skills and creativity in fresh new ways. One day I'm googling for a local business to transfer video to DVD, and I run across this thing,…Hmmm. A place for local news, business and community, a place to get to know and to be known, now that newspapers are morphing into some new-world form…must be cool, if you can even friend them on Facebook!

My first job was in a local post-hippie jeans store called The Alternative, where we knew everybody, and sometimes people came just to hang, so I've always liked anything with the word, alternative. Sometimes we need to get together and form an alternative look at the world, when the old ways no longer serve.

Have you noticed how often people say, 'I don't like change!' But if you think about it, if you're not changing, you must be dead! Nothing wrong with change; it's a living, breathing, organic series of new and infinite possibilities. It's only resistance to change that's the problem.

That's why I studied all the ways energy flows, and started to see how the news, like life, comes and goes in waves, breaks and crashes, ebbs and flows. You never know when the tide will turn up something new…there is always hope!

In my life, facing uncertainty and economic hardship, I've found that when you let go of the resistance, when you breathe, and say, 'I accept this, I accept the way life is changing, maybe it doesn't feel good, but I accept reality as it is…' a wonderful moment of calm comes, and clarity, some kind of grace…and you can begin to see things differently. As you give up the struggle, you begin to float, buoyed by some invisible force. Inspiration flows. You may find yourself on a whole new wave-it's kinetic! is like that. I found the most wonderful, creative, engaging, and yes, energizing people, beginning with Editor Mike Shapiro. In his vision for this online hyperlocal newspaper, I see the template for the new wave of newspapers, and media, and community, all related in a moving, kinetic new form, but a form that feels for all the world like Jimmy Stewart in 'It's A Wonderful Life'. Just stop into Summit Starbucks one day, or Prestige Diner in New Providence, when Mike and President of Marketing & Sales Jeff Stolowitz and our other staffers are talking about our towns, the way people at the next table all of a sudden get involved and the conversation grows. What a wonderful wave to be a part of!

We're so used to making decisions by what 'looks good on paper', in the static form we're accustomed to seeing, that sometimes we miss the moving new possibilities. It's sad, the way newspapers and some of the other old forms are dying. But in the new rules of manifestation, when you can't see the form, you can't see the way through, you'll know it by the feeling…if you listen to music, on the radio or on your Ipod, you already know how to use your imagination to access that feeling…and I hope you'll feel that something wonderful here too, a wave of change, the flow of new possibilities.

I'm writing this column about energy, and communication, and being 'a part of' this new wave. I hope you'll be a part of it too, and tell me your thoughts, whatever matters to you, to help our towns grow and change into better and better places to live and do business and talk to each other, for the good of our kids and our world and for all of us. When we get together, with all these new possibilities in motion, It's Kinetic.