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It’s up to the People of this District to Wake Up


While Republicans are playing childish and destructive  political games that they  are so proud of ,  these  schoolyard bullies are devastating  the “little people “ in this country. These little people do not hang out in the Washington D.C. bars  where Republicans meet to revel in their devious and threatening tactics. They are outside trying to make a living selling hot dogs to them.

How utterly narcissistic and bombastic it is when I hear Republican politicians like Newt Gingrich smile and say –“Oh come on, it’s just a couple of National Parks or some Monuments." Or pundits like Sean Hannity saying, “I haven’t really seen anything or felt anything—what’s the big deal’? Of course Mr. Hannity doesn’t see anything. He doesn’t  have the decency to look outside of his multimillion dollar bubble and see that this country has real people with real problems--problems that  he doesn’t  have.

When they talk about shutting down National Parks and tourist sites, the important word here is “tourist." It is the  local people and businesses that make their money from tourists visiting N.Y.C.,  D.C. and the  National Parks that  are not getting paid. They are the tour guides, the hotel workers, the restaurant workers.  It’s the  ones living paycheck to paycheck selling falafel outside that  are being crushed.  All for what? Because House  Republicans don’t like a law that has already been democratically passed and they lost an election? Talk about sore losers.

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So because one party doesn’t like a law that has been passed legitimately through our democratic system, and upheld by the Supreme Court, they decide to ruin people’s lives, ruin the economy and basically take over the country by force. How utterly “undemocratic."

 Isn’t that what these Tea partiers keep crying about? Freedom, The Constitution, Our Founding Fathers?

These Republicans  are basically anarchists and should be looked at as such.They are not lawmakers. The worst is that if John Boehner were to put up a vote to the House for a clean resolution to pass the budget, which is comprised of the budget number that the Republicans asked for, he would get his votes  and this would all be over. But instead he cowers to the Tea Party minority and is doing  irrevocable damage to the entire country which is disgraceful.

Congressman Lance says he doesn’t want a shutdown, but what was his vote? His words are meaningless when he votes for something he says he’s against. There were 12 Republican House members that voted against it and Lance wasn’t one of them. He voted YEA for the House bill that they sent to the Senate demanding they delay the Obamacare individual mandate, established law, or else they are going to shut down the government.  

Congressman Lance needs to extricate himself from the Tea Party and stick to it, then he could hold his head up high like Representative Peter  King and say,” Not me. I never voted for their extreme politics." However, he has voted for the extreme  EVERY time. So  he has made himself one of them.       

Leonard Lance has been feeding these Tea Party radicals and this is what he gets because of it.

It’s up to the people of this district to wake up and vote in a Congressman who will best serve the needs of everyone in  this district and this country, not someone who caters to a radical political minority, and in so doing destroys people’s lives and this country.

  Karen Egert

  Westfield, NJ

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