On January 14, 2021, the Wayne Board of Education called on citizens to continue working together to advance the education of all students, as it recognized the contributions of colleagues throughout the state during School Board Recognition Month in New Jersey.

“The Wayne Board of Education embraces the goal of high-quality education for all New Jersey public school students,” read a resolution adopted by the board.  “New Jersey can take pride in its schools, which rank among the nation’s best in key achievement indicators such as the National Assessment of Educational Progress scores, and the preparation for college through advanced placement offerings and SAT assessments.”

Since the first School Board Recognition Month in New Jersey in 2002, the State Board of Education, the state-level public body that regulates public education, has approved resolutions to honor the work done by local school board members.

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School board members in New Jersey receive no pay for their service.  More than 5,000 men and women serve on New Jersey’s local boards of education, making them the largest group of public officials in the state.

“It has been my greatest honor to serve on the Board of Education.  I can’t think of anything more important or fulfilling than being part of our children’s education.  I know I can speak for my colleagues as well when I say we all share that passion, said Board President, Cathy Kazan.  The past year has been especially challenging and I must say that our Board has risen to the challenge. None of us were trained or prepared to navigate our schools through a pandemic.  We’re still doing so and will continue adjusting and adapting to this unique situation .  We appreciate the continued support of our community and urge anyone with a passion for education to consider serving.”

Michael McClure, president of the New Jersey School Boards Association, said School Board Recognition Month is “an important way to thank current and former school board members for their dedication and service on behalf of their communities.”

“New Jersey’s local school boards are selected by their community to serve as their voice in setting goals for their schools, “he said.” School board members serve without remuneration, and dedicate extraordinary amounts of time to their communities,” McClure said.  “Additionally, board members attend training programs and many reach out to state legislators and members of Congress on behalf of local school children. We thank them for their work.”

The National School Boards Association initiated School Board Recognition Month in the early 1990s.  Various other states followed suit by dedicating one month of the year to recognize the contributions of local board members.